Water storage needs are an important issue in many areas from industrial plants to local businesses. Stainless water tanks are a preferred storage solution due to their durability, hygienic properties and corrosion resistance.  

Stainless water tanks are a preferred storage solution due to their durability, hygienic properties and corrosion resistance.

Stainless water tanks production in Turkey, usage areas, export status and delivery processes:

Stainless Water Tanks Production and Gebze:

The production of stainless water tanks in Turkey is concentrated especially in industrial areas. Gebze is one of these production centres. Many companies in Kocaeli Gebze produce stainless water tanks in accordance with industry standards. Among the leading companies among the manufacturers in this region are the following: Asinoks, Aslanlar Paslanmaz and Aslanlar Ticaret. Apart from these, there are many companies in Gebze Organised Industry.

Sheet Thicknesses Used in Stainless Steel Warehouse Production:

Sheet thicknesses used in stainless steel tank production usually vary depending on the tank dimensions and intended use. However, sheet thicknesses typically used for stainless water tanks can vary between 1mm and 4mm. Larger capacity tanks are usually produced with thicker sheets.

Stainless Water Tank Usage Areas:

Stainless water tanks have a wide range of uses. These include:

Water storage in industrial plants,

To meet the water demand in residential and commercial buildings,

Irrigation water storage in agricultural areas,

Fire water storage,

Solar energy systems include applications such as heating water storage.

Delivery and Installation Processes:

Stainless water tanks are usually produced in pieces and transported to the installation site. The delivery process varies according to the manufacturer, customer demands and tank dimensions. Installation is usually carried out by specialised teams and the tank is properly placed in the installation area.

Turkey Stainless Tank Export Status and Export Processes:

Turkey has a strong production capacity for stainless water tanks and exports these products to many countries. Export processes include compliance with various certification and quality standards. Exporting companies usually work carefully to manage this process and ensure customer satisfaction.

Transport and Logistics of Stainless Water Tanks:

The transport and logistics processes of stainless water tanks are usually carried out by specialised transport companies. The tanks are safely transported to the installation site and properly placed in the customer’s residential area.

Stainless water tanks offer a reliable, durable and hygienic solution to meet water storage needs in Turkey and worldwide. Turkish manufacturers stand out in the sector with their high quality products and customer-oriented services.