Turkish Marbles in the World.  Many Turkish marbles are in great demand worldwide. Here are some popular Turkish marbles.


Marble has been recognised as a symbol of prestige and aesthetics since the depths of human history. This natural stone, which beautifies our spaces and adds character to our buildings, has been mined and processed in countries such as Turkey and Italy for many years. The competition between the marble industries of both countries has brought about a fierce struggle for the quality and diversity of marble. Here are the many important aspects in which Turkish marble is superior to Italian marble.


Many Turkish marbles are in great demand worldwide. Here are some popular Turkish marbles.

Advantages of Turkish Marble over Italian Marble:


    1. Memer Diversity: Turkey is one of the countries with the highest variety of marble in the world. Each of them offers unique patterns, colours and textures. Although Italian marble is also diverse, Turkish marble is richer in this regard. Especially the marbles on Marmara Island are famous for their elegant shades of white.

    2. Durability in Marble: Turkish marble has a high reputation for durability. It retains its durability even when used in coastal areas of Turkey and in places exposed to salt water. Italian marble is also durable, but some types may be more susceptible to corrosion.

    3. Marble Price: Turkish marble is offered at a more competitive price point than Italian marble of similar quality. This can reduce costs for design projects. Especially in large projects this difference can be significant.

    4. Marble Exports: Turkey is one of the leading countries exporting marble all over the world. It is especially in demand in large markets such as the United States and China. Italian marble also exports, but Turkish marble has more diversity in this regard.

    5. Marble Technology: The Turkish marble industry has invested in state-of-the-art production equipment and processing techniques. This ensures superior quality and precision. The Italian marble industry also uses technology, but may not be at the same level as its Turkish counterparts.


Turkish Marbles in the World


Many Turkish marbles are in great demand worldwide. Here are some popular Turkish marbles:

    – Afyon White: It is famous for its pure white colour and homogeneous texture. It is especially preferred for interiors.

    – Bursa Beige Marble: It attracts attention with its beige tones and elegant veins. It is perfect for flooring and countertops.

    – Denizli Travertine: It stands out with its soft texture and warm colours. It is widely used in outdoor areas and decoration.

    – Marmara White: Known for its natural white colour and elegant veins. Ideal for adding elegance to spaces.

Turkish marble is a type of natural stone that challenges Italian marble with its quality, diversity and competitive prices. Turkey is a preferred source of marble for numerous projects around the world and this trend is expected to continue. Italian marble still has a great reputation, but Turkish marble is increasingly recognised and in demand worldwide. The marble industries of both countries offer their own unique contributions and continue to share the beauty of marble with the world.