Online marketing has had many trends over the years. Some techniques came and went quickly while others are still around. Online marketers are constantly trying to keep up with all the latest “secrets” for internet success.

So what are the most successful techniques for internet marketing? Some of them are pretty obvious while others may surprise you.

They include:

o Article Marketing
o Ezine and Newsletter Marketing
o Blogging
o Search Engine Optimization
o Affiliate Marketing
o Link Building
o Social Networking
o Viral Marketing

Article Marketing:
Article marketing is one of the most popular techniques for internet marketing today. Not only is it a very powerful technique for bringing in targeted traffic, it’s also a great way for online marketers to establish themselves as experts and to prove their worth. Article marketing works best when webmasters write informative articles that explain something to the readers rather than trying to sell them something. These articles can be submitted to article directories, and links can be placed in the “resource box.” Article marketing helps with search engine optimization as well.

Ezine and Newsletter Marketing:
Newsletters and ezines have been out for years. Webmasters can have their articles, editorials, essays, etc. published in newsletters that will be sent out to many people. A webmaster can either publish his or her own newsletter or contribute to others. There are newsletters and ezines on every topic imaginable, therefore they are a great for bringing in targeted traffic.

Just about everyone has a blog these days. The word “blog” is short for “weblog” and it refers to online journals or logs. Blogs are free and easy to create. There are many layouts and designs to choose from, and they’re easier to put together than websites. Just as long as they’re updated regularly with good content, blogs can help increase interest in a business.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO
As far as some online marketers are concerned, search engine optimization is the most important method for bringing in targeted traffic. Most people surf the web through search engines like Google. The higher a website ranks with a keyword, the more likely it will be seen by people searching for information pertaining to that keyword. This is referred to as “organic” traffic. In order to fully succeed with the search engine optimization technique, a website needs to have quality content.

Affiliate Marketing:
Online business owners can have affiliates promote their products for them. Affiliate marketing can be very effective, just as long as the affiliates are reliable and trustworthy. By having affiliates, a webmaster can save time and energy. The affiliates will be doing the hard work in promoting the products, which will give the webmaster more time to maintain the site. In the internet business world, time is money, and a webmaster can save time by taking advantage of affiliate marketing.

Link Building:
A website’s popularity can be improved with a good link building strategy. When it comes to link building, quality is sometimes better than quantity. It’s better to have one, incoming link from a high ranking professional site than a hundred useless links from worthless sites. Search engines like Google love authoritative sites, so getting incoming links from high ranking ones is a very effective marketing technique.

Social Networking:
Social media marketing can bring in high volumes of targeted traffic within a very small frame of time. These networking sites connect people together with others who share the same interests. Webmasters can interact with potential leads. They can share articles, videos, do it yourself guides, pictures, graphics, and more. Not only that, but they can share comments, ideas, information, and tips. Social networking is great for making friends and business contacts. There are several thousands of people visiting a social networking site at any time, and they all potential leads as far as internet marketers are concerned.

Viral Marketing:
Viral marketing can consist of a video, ebook, blog post, or any other message that can spread like wildfire over the internet. Also referred to as buzz marketing, viral marketing is intended to convey an idea or carry a message in such a way that people will be willing to share it with their friends.

A webmaster of a pet site can create a video featuring cute puppies and kittens. The webmaster then uploads the video on the internet, and everyone who watches it finds it so adorable that they want to share it with others. Before everything is said and done, the video will receive a million hits. Now the webmaster’s site receives more traffic than ever before.

This is just one example of viral marketing. If the video, image, blog post, or whatever is creative and unique, then a webmaster may find the answer to his or her prayers with viral marketing.

While there are many other internet marketing techniques out there, the eight mentioned in this guide are the most popular right now. A struggling webmaster should try at least three-if not all-of these techniques. Persistence pays off, therefore he or she needs to stick with a plan and work hard to see it through. Internet marketing can be a cutthroat business, and these eight techniques can take anyone to the top-just as long as they are done correctly and consistently.