Network marketing is a very complicated industry with hundreds of thousands of people all seeking to build their downline and businesses. The people who DO succeed are the ones who are able to think outside of the box, brand themselves and create meaningful relationships with their downline and team.

The last 5-10 years has seen network marketing grow exponentially inline with the Internet. Attraction Marketing, although not a new concept in sales has taken the network marketing industry by storm.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing in the network marketing industry is simply positioning yourself as a leader, someone who can offer great value and help others, branding yourself so people can find you online, and building a relationship with that person, creating a win-win situation where they join your MLM company and YOU help them to succeed.

By positioning yourself as a leader with lots of knowledge, YOU gain the posture. Rather than you having to go and ‘almost beg’ your friends and family to join your opportunity, people come flocking to YOU asking for your help.

I’m sure you know as well as I do, that when someone comes to ask your advice for something which you are very knowledgeable about, you feel important and have the ‘upper hand’ over that person. You are the LEADER and have the POSTURE, and they are the FOLLOWER.

Ok, So How Do I Do This Attraction Marketing?

The great thing with the Internet is that you can create as much content as you are able to and submit it to various places online. People searching in Google find your article, blog or video and then contact YOU for help.

Web 2.0 has taken off dramatically over the past 2-3 years online and you are now able to share an article, blog post, web site, or video with your network of friends.

Lets say that you have a blog. You write on your blog 4 times each week about network marketing and attraction marketing. You also write a few articles each month and submit them to various online article directories and record a few videos that give advice to other network marketers. Your ‘content’ starts to appear in Google and people who are searching for network marketing related terms find your ‘content’. If they like it, they may share it with their friends, they may add it to their Myspace or Facebook page or they may blog about it on their own website. That ‘content’ then gets picked up by other people who continue to pass it on to their friends.

This is the power of Attraction Marketing and Web 2.0 on the Internet. Your ‘content’ will now be seen by hundreds, if not thousands of network marketers!

Stage 1 in the whole attraction marketing process is creating your content and putting it out onto the Internet for others to find. You are promoting the BRAND OF YOU. Therefore, the more knowledge you have on attraction marketing and network marketing, the more of a leader you will become.

How Do I Learn?

You learn by taking part in online webinars, watching videos, reading articles and speaking with experienced network marketers on the phone. Once you have a little knowledge, you need to put it into action. Each time you learn something new, digest the knowledge, teach it to others and within a few short months you’ll find that you know much more than the average network and attraction marketers and in the process, you will be creating a ‘web of content’ for people to find you.

You will be growing your own personal brand for your FUTURE. People will start talking about you and network marketers who are looking for a leader or mentor will begin to email you for help. All of a sudden, you won’t have as much time to create your content and videos and you’ll be teaching what you’ve learned. You’ll start to gain a group of followers who listen to everything you say. They will be your friends and will buy various products and services you recommend.

People will be joining your network marketing company left, right and center and you’ll be making money by recommending other courses, systems, software and ebooks. Multiple income sources will become the norm for you and all the time, you’ll be growing into a leader, teacher and mentor.