Get Off The Sinking Ship, Use The New “Attraction” Network Marketing.

Old school network marketing has been replaced by attraction network marketing because it failed to teach decent marketing skills or proper business practices. Insane business practices, such as “The 3 Foot Rule” and “Everyone Is Your Prospect” gave the network marketing industry a very bad image. It also virtually insured the failure of at least 95% of the folks who started a network marketing business.


Do you believe you don’t have to be a pro to succeed? This is a main stay of old school network marketing.
Do you really think ANYONE and EVERYONE is your prospect? Old school network marketers will tell you they are even drive through cashiers just trying to get you processed in under 30 seconds.
Do you Believe network marketing doesn’t involve sales? I guess old school MLMers want you to think money grows on trees or something…
Do you think most people fail because they just don’t have enough Belief? As if the Guru selling this load of hogwash got rich because he believed more than you did? If you believe that… try closing your eyes, think about it real hard and click your heals together while asking for it… maybe that’ll help.
These are just some of the absolutely horrible falsehoods old school network marketing folks will try to sell to you.

So, if these things don’t work and the New Attraction Network Marketing does… What’s different?

Proper MLM Training!

While it’s true you don’t have to be a pro to get started in a network marketing business. You’d bloody well better be prepared to educate yourself and apply what you learn if you plan to succeed.

Think about it for a moment. If the activities you and the majority of network marketers been doing have produced NO significant results what makes you think that doing more of the same will suddenly produce massive success?

Proper network marketing training is the key to any successful MLM business. Plain and simple, educating yourself and applying what you’ve learned is the only way to become a pro and to succeed. And not just with MLM… with anything in life.