Internet marketing is always changing and growing in scope and possibilities. While the tried and true methods of early internet business days still work in some cases, others have fallen by the wayside as new ways to market your small business online take over.

Market Your Small Business Online – Article Marketing
While not necessarily a new way to market your small business online, article marketing is so hot, and so powerful, that you cannot forget it in your marketing plan. By writing keyword specific, targeted articles and submitting them to directories, you can spread your link across the web. For attracting targeted traffic, article marketing is one method you cannot ignore.

Market Your Small Business Online – Social Networking
The web is exploding with social networking websites. What started as a social experiment favored by teens has turned into a small business marketing powerhouse. Sites such as StumbleUpon and Digg can skyrocket your website traffic and thus improve your small business success at a fast rate.

Market Your Small Business Online – Viral Marketing with Ebooks
Nothing attracts more attention than a respectable small business giving away something for free. One new way to market your small business online is to create a viral marketing storm by giving away a free eBook to your visitors or subscribers. This eBook must be entertaining enough, or provide enough quality information, that the people who get it will want to pass it on to their friends and business associates. The links to your business, or a call to action of purchase, will be spread along with the ebook.

Market Your Small Business Online – Joint Ventures
In online marketing, networking with other small business owners is a great way to increase profits. Instead of using link swapping – a practice frowned upon by major search engines these days – enter into a more extensive temporary partnership with other business owners. Market the other person’s website, give away their viral ebook, or post reviews of their services. And make sure they do the same for you.

Market Your Small Business Online – Podcasting and YouTube
The hottest new ways to market your small business online include video ads hosted on popular movies sites like YouTube, and audio podcasting. I have my own video on YouTube (search RobertSB22). Not only do customers and clients like the personal touch of putting a face, or voice, behind a company, these video and audio files are highly viral and attract a lot of attention. Whether you record a simple advertisement or an extensive tutorial session, podcasting and video marketing are hot new ways to market your small business online.

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