MLM Marketing is a numbers game but at the end of the day, how do you know whether or not you were successful? It’s very critical that you develop clear and concise measures of success before you take on MLM marketing. There is a need to demonstrate value and to do that you must develop metrics to measure yourself against.

Developing Effective MLM Marketing Metrics

Effective metrics for your MLM marketing business take into account the objectives of your plan. Who is your target audience? What are you trying to get them to do? How will your know if you’ve been successful with your efforts? These measures are important to your success and should be included in any MLM marketing plan. If you can’t measure it, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

Measuring the results of your MLM marketing efforts can seem very complex. Many people struggle with developing effective metrics for different reasons. Too often metrics are viewed as overly complicated largely because there is a fear of not being successful. Don’t skip over this part!

While it may come across as difficult, if you ask yourself “How will I know I’ve been successful?” it will give you a great start to developing very effective metrics for your MLM marketing campaigns. Be sure you have a clear vision of what success looks like.

Fear of MLM Marketing Failure

What are you going to do if you aren’t successful and meeting the goals you set forth for your MLM marketing campaign? I realize that attaching your efforts to an outcome makes you susceptible to failure. Understand that you need measurement, without it you’ll never know the degree of your success or the opportunities that exist for improvement.

By developing effective metrics you will be able to analyze your results and improve your MLM marketing campaigns. Try to think outside the box, especially when you are evaluating the metrics you’ve developed. In other words, go above and beyond. If a marketing campaign works understand why it works, there is always room for improvement. This gives you the ability to tweak your efforts and grow your MLM marketing business at an alarming pace. As I stated above, if you can’t measure it, I wouldn’t do it.

Determining MLM Marketing Measures of Success

The following are measures of success that I’ve collaborated over the years. These are meant to be used a guide and give you the ground work to developing your own metrics. I personally have used these metrics and found them to be very effective. It’s a way to hold yourself accountable for your efforts and being successful with MLM marketing.

Measure your volume of calls to prospects for your MLM marketing business. Track the number of calls you made and how many of prospects you converted either to a sale or took the desired action you wanted them to take. Total your results at the end of each day, week, month and I even total my results at the end of the year. This will allow you to understand how effective your prospecting script is. From there you can make adjustments to the script, your tone of voice, or your prospecting and closing skills. You’ll be amazed at how much a small improvement can dramatically affect the results of MLM marketing efforts.

If you have a website that you are using to capture MLM marketing leads, be sure you are measuring how many visitors are coming to your site each day and how many of those visitors are converting to a lead. Meaning the visitor took the desired action your MLM marketing message conveyed throughout the website copy.

Analyzing your website is crucial to online MLM marketing in order to really see the maximum value of an ROI. Otherwise you will spend a ton of money trying to generate leads. You must understand how users are interacting with your site and constantly improve it. Having a website for MLM marketing is a game of test, test, test and test some more. Keep testing until your website is ideally converting between 10%-15%.

Having a website is crucial so if you don’t have I would suggest getting one. And I don’t mean the replicated website that was provided by your company. I’m talking about a lead capture page that has compelling ad copy that converts your visitors into leads. It’s one of, if not the best way to generate leads in MLM marketing. Lead capture pages are relatively inexpensive and easy to set up.

Using any other medium to advertise in MLM marketing can be measured in much the same way as a website. If you are using print media such as newspaper, magazines, etc monitor the number of people who call from the message you delivered and measure that against the amount of money you spent on the ad. Why keep spending the money if your phone isn’t ringing? Keep testing until you find the right ad that is generating the amount of leads you so desire. Keep in mind you’re going to spend some money during the testing phase, but once you get through it, it will be smooth sailing.

MLM marketing is a numbers game. You must hold yourself accountable for your efforts by measuring your results. If you aren’t effectively managing your numbers, how can you expect to improve them? I know we all want to improve how effectively our businesses grow, that’s why I am constantly measuring my results everyday and why you should too.