Network Marketing or MLM marketing systems are a dime a dozen. With so many marketing systems out there how do you choose which one to use? Many new network marketers or even seasoned veterans who have until this point been using old school methods with the names list, 3 foot rule, and cold market prospecting are coming online and finding it a nightmare. If you have been trying to run your network marketing business online at all you know what I’m talking about. So how do you choose a good MLM marketing system? A good network marketing business building system should have four key ingredients

A definite laid out plan of action!
It should be able to leverage your time!
Your marketing system should be monetized!
Someone should be there to teach you the ropes!
If any of these 4 key ingredients are missing or lack in any way your MLM marketing system will be severely hindered if it works at all.

For example:

Let’s say you get into a Network Marketing business and you find a marketing system with some awesome lead capture pages and auto responder letters all laid out for you. You’re excited and rightfully so, why shouldn’t you be? After all this system does all the work right? It’s setup to make you all this extra money on the side with referral commissions as your team follows you. You even got somebody teaching you how to get your network marketing business all plugged in. It’s there online ready for people to come and then nothing happens.

What’s wrong, you did everything they said didn’t you?

The reason its not working is the marketing system is faulty in all the above ingredients even though it has them all to a small degree. You see this example has all the ingredients to the same degree that most marketing systems do.

Your plan of action was to get your network marketing business plugged into a good MLM marketing system and maybe put out a few ads or buy some leads. Then wait and hope your lead capture pages and the auto responder letters would do the rest. This kind of plan usually fails unless you are lucky, are a professional copywriter or have an endless supply of cash to keep buying leads.

It leveraged your time to a degree by following up with any leads using the auto responder letters. Our example lacked in its ability to sort and qualify our prospects as they went through our marketing pipeline.

It had some monetization but, in my opinion a system with only a referral commission for cash flow is flawed because it relies on people following you. An ideal MLM marketing system is setup in such a way that you will make money whether your prospects follow you into your network marketing business or not.

Last but, definitely not least it could very well be one of the most important ingredients yet. The system has somebody teaching you how to set it all up by plugging your MLM into it and getting it online. This is where our example failed miserably and most marketing systems do. For that reason I almost put this ingredient as number one.

Most people can have all 3 of the other ingredients and even the 4th one to the limited degree as in our example and still fail. Problem is you have nobody showing you how to implement a plan of action that will set you up with a MLM marketing system that passes all four of these ingredients with flying colors in an easy step by step fashion that even a tech challenged newbie could understand.