As the shift in Network Marketing, from offline to on-line, takes shape, Network Marketers are scrambling to find their place in the Internet Marketing world, but are the two disciplines butting heads or is there an understanding of talents and skills that could enhance each others endeavors? Is there room for both to co-exist or will one reign over the other?

What Can Both Internet and Network Marketers Learn from Each Other?

What is unique about this tangle of the two disciplines is that each side has talents and skills that both can benefit from. Network Marketers are uniquely skilled at communicating one on one with people and Internet Marketers are highly skilled in attracting customers and communicating via on-line methods. Network Marketers typically represent high quality, tangible goods or services and Internet Marketers typically represent high quality, tangible information products that compliment these goods and services.

These are only a few of the many skills and abilities that both sides offer, but can you see how, if merged together, the limits on creating or expanding a Home Internet Business could be endless?

Is Internet Network Marketing the Wave of the Future?

This new term, “Internet Network Marketing”, is creeping up in blog posts across the Internet. What is so unique? This term represents the slow shift of Network Marketers realizing the power of Internet Marketing in building a successful business and providing new tools to teach and train their organization’s to do the same.

One of the shifts is due to the large number of Network Marketers who are tired of the older methods of cold calling, buying expensive dead-end leads, late night hotel meetings, or bugging friends and family to buy their products or join their business. Ann Sieg, an industry leader in Network Marketing, and author of the “The 7-Great Lies of Network Marketing” shares the challenges people wrestle with and how Attraction Marketing principles combined with Internet Marketing can turn those frustrations into results.

One thing is for sure. Over the next few years more and more Network Marketerswill be making the move to on-line marketing. What is critical to their success will be in large part due to the training they receive on Internet Marketing.

Who will train the Network Marketers?

Finding the right training is key for all marketers but Network Marketers are in need of a program not just focused on them, but in providing the foundation for learning the basic principles of how on-line business and marketing works. Teaching principles like writing content, blogging, website structure, social networking, lead generation and email marketing, to name a few. Who can provide that?

One of the rising stars of Internet Network Marketing, Mike Klingler, founded the Renegade University. A Network Marketer who understands the need of all sides, Mike provides structured, click-by-click training and tutorials on how to take “Attraction Marketing” and build a successful on-line business. Mike has guided many Internet and Network Marketers to new found levels on-line, and continues to meld both disciplines together to provide a place where unique abilities and skills are brought together for the good of all.

Will there be an epic battle between both marketers?

A battle, probably not, misunderstanding, more like it. What the future holds for both powers is uncertain, but working together to enhance each others abilities and expanding the capability of the average person to build a successful on-line business would be the smart alternative to duking it out between computer screens. There is room for both, hopefully each side will realize the potential of what each bring to the table, and partner together to strengthen their positions.