Product launches come and go on the Internet all the time, and for the last several weeks I have been studying a “How To” Network Marketing Product Launch being promoted by Ann Sieg, the Renegade Marketer, and Mike Klingler of Merge Marketing.

For years I have been simultaneously fascinated and intrigued by the prospect of Network Marketing – and the allure of promised riches – and turned off by the idea that few in the business are successful, and are left poorer and more frustrated by their attempts for success in the business.

My understanding is when you boil down all the hype, the “new” age of Renegade network marketing is simply the combination of “traditional” online marketing methods like search engine optimization, pay per click ads and Web 2.0 social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) with the network marketing opportunity as a back end product. They are calling it “Attraction Marketing” – new name, same methods. I’m sure it’s an awesome juxtaposition for the MLMers who are used to using the “three foot rule” to prospect anyone who they run across during the day.

Using a traditional sales funnel, a network marketer following this model would draw traffic searching for MLM related keywords and then direct these prospects to a squeeze page.

Once the products name is captured by an email auto-responder, he may then be marketed to with abandon.

The sales funnel uses this chain of techniques to “attract” leads for their network marketing opportunity.

1) Use SEO and PPC to attract traffic searching for information on generic MLM/Network Marketing Opportunities, people researching specific MLM-related keywords, like the name of a certain company; or people interested in their product line, such as nutritional supplements, makeup, etc.

2) Direct Traffic to a “squeeze page” where they submit their email in exchange for free and valuable information on a topic.

3) Monetize the traffic with the sale of a “front end” product at a low price point, to recoup advertising costs and create “multiple streams of income.”

4) Build credibility and relationship over time via emails, blog posts, high quality content, etc. to “upsell” list members on additional products/affiliate products and potentially the MLM opportunity that the marketer is participating in.

In this model, the company you work with (Monavie, Prepaid Legal, Send Out Cards, etc.) is not revealed or shared in the front end of the marketing funnel. It is only revealed later on, as one option for the prospect researching different companies.

I think Ann Sieg and company have done a great job in morphing the traditional affiliate marketing model already so prevalent online and changing-out the back end product to MLM opportunities. This is a smart business move since they have “niched” their “internet marketing” program to a hungry and frustrated population already proven to be willing to invest time and money in business opportunities.

We know the “gurus” can make money selling these how-to products and promotions. The question yet to be answered is how many of their students will become successful network marketers as a result of their teachings?

Multi Level Network Marketing is just one of the ways you can create additional streams of income. Does it make sense as a business model for you to pursue? Marketing is marketing, you can harness the power of the web to sell anything that you believe in. If it’s an MLM product or business opportunity, great, if it’s something else… that’s great, too.