With the growing popularity of electric cars and the development of charging infrastructure, there are more and more opportunities for free charging. This can be an important factor for electric car owners, as it allows you to save money on fuel and make the use of an electric car more affordable. Here are some places where you can charge your electric car for free:

1. Charging stations in stores

Some retail stores, shopping centers and supermarkets install charging stations for electric vehicles in their parking lots. This can be part of their customer attraction strategy and promote green initiatives. Some of these stations offer free charging as a bonus for shoppers.

2. Hotels and restaurants

Many hotels, restaurants and cafes install charging stations Wallbox Pulsar Plus for their guests. This can not only be convenient for EV owners, but can also be part of their advertising and customer attraction strategy. Some establishments offer free charging as part of their service.

3. Installations for general use

Some municipal or commercial facilities install charging stations for public use. These stations may be available to any EV owner and, in some cases, may provide free charging.

4. Programs and promotions from manufacturers

Some electric car manufacturers offer special programs and promotions that include free charging for a certain period of time. This may be available to new owners or as part of special offers from manufacturers.

5. Communities of electric vehicle owners

In some places, communities of electric vehicle owners are forming, which jointly install charging stations and provide free charging to each other. This can be an effective way to save money and support the development of electric mobility infrastructure.