To ensure successful project execution, project management is crucial. Microsoft Project has become a top project management tool as businesses increasingly use technology to streamline their project planning and execution. Many professionals pursue a Microsoft Project Certification to demonstrate their project management proficiency and unlock this effective programme’s full potential. However, it’s possible that not every project participant has to have an in-depth understanding of Microsoft Project. A Microsoft Project Viewer may be useful and benefit different stakeholders. The advantages of utilising a Microsoft Project Viewer and how it supports the certification and project management processes will be discussed in this blog.

Table of content

  • Enhanced Collaboration and Accessibility
  • Cost-Efficiency and Licensing
  • Time-Saving and Simplicity
  • Risk Mitigation and Decision Making
  • Client and Stakeholder Communication
  • Conclusion

Enhanced Collaboration and Accessibility

Accessing project plans and deadlines is made simple and user-friendly by a Microsoft Project Viewer. Without a Microsoft Project Certification, team members can still access project data, monitor development, and comprehend task dependencies. Due to the increased participation of stakeholders with different backgrounds and skill sets in project talks, the atmosphere is made more inclusive. By keeping everyone aware and on board with the project’s goals, this degree of accessibility promotes improved cooperation and communication. 

Cost-Efficiency and Licensing

Microsoft Project is a potent tool made to meet the demands of project managers across a range of complexity levels. However, obtaining licences for the complete version can be pricey, particularly if only a small number of people inside the organisation need access to the feature-rich package. On the other hand, a Microsoft Project Viewer provides an affordable option, enabling several team members to view project files concurrently without needing extra licences. As a result, there are significant cost reductions while still ensuring that the whole team has constant access to project information. 

Time-Saving and Simplicity

For individuals without a Microsoft Project Certification or prior project management expertise, learning to handle Microsoft Project’s complexities can take a lot of effort. Stakeholders may skip the learning curve and have rapid access to project information by utilising a Microsoft Project Viewer without requiring substantial training. Users may easily discover the data they need because of the viewer’s ease of use, which saves time and boosts overall productivity.  

Risk Mitigation and Decision Making

Stakeholders can analyse crucial project data and see possible risks and obstacles with the help of a Microsoft Project Viewer. Decision-makers may respond promptly to reduce risks and guarantee the project stays on course by having a comprehensive awareness of the project’s status and timetables. Gantt charts, resource allocation, and progress reports that are easily accessible help decision-makers make more informed choices, which increases the probability that a project will succeed. 

Client and Stakeholder Communication

Sharing project information can be difficult when collaborating with external customers or stakeholders, particularly if they don’t have access to Microsoft Projects. This problem is solved by a Microsoft Project Viewer, which offers a platform for simple project information exchange with outside parties. Because of the increased confidence and trust among stakeholders, stronger relationships and better project results result from this transparency.


For businesses looking for effective teamwork, cost savings, and smooth project management, a Microsoft Project Viewer proves to be an essential tool. While a viewer enhances the process by making projects visible to all stakeholders, a Microsoft Project Certification still has great value for project managers. Any project-oriented organisation would be wise to implement a Microsoft Project Viewer due to greater collaboration, cost-efficiency, time savings, risk reduction, and improved communication. Businesses may expedite their project management procedure, achieve higher success, and advance their projects by fusing the strength of Microsoft Project with the ease of a viewer.