It seems like you’re referring to a Siemens SIMATIC HMI panel, specifically the KTP700 Basic OEM Niehoff Basic Panel with the part number 6av2123-2gb03-0ax0. This is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) device used in industrial automation and control systems. The KTP700 Basic OEM is designed for basic operator control and monitoring tasks in various industrial applications.

Here are some key features and information about the Siemens SIMATIC KTP700 Basic OEM HMI panel:

  1. Display: The KTP700 Basic OEM typically features a 7-inch TFT color touch screen display. This display is used for visualizing process data, interacting with the control system, and monitoring machine operations.
  2. Communication: It offers various communication options to connect with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and other automation devices. Common communication protocols include Ethernet, Profinet, and RS-232/RS-485 for serial communication.
  3. Operating System: The HMI panel runs on a specialized operating system designed for industrial applications. It is often configured using Siemens’ WinCC Basic software.
  4. Functionality: While it is considered a basic HMI panel, it still provides essential functions such as alarm handling, recipe management, data logging, and user authentication.
  5. Durability: These panels are designed to withstand industrial environments, including exposure to dust, moisture, and temperature variations. They typically have an IP65 protection rating.
  6. Mounting: The KTP700 Basic OEM HMI panel can be panel-mounted in control cabinets or on machines.
  7. Part Number: The part number hmi siemens is a specific model designation for this HMI panel. You may refer to Siemens documentation or contact a Siemens distributor for more detailed information about this particular model.

If you are looking to use or purchase this HMI panel, it’s important to consider your specific application requirements and ensure compatibility with your existing control system. Additionally, it’s worth checking whether the panel you are considering is new or used and if any warranties or support services are available. You may also want to verify if there are any software licenses or configuration files needed to set up the HMI for your specific application.