In the center of Belgrade, right across from the Cathedral Church – is the oldest inn in Belgrade  – Question Mark. It was opened back in 1823. as property of Miloš Obrenović, who then gave it to his commerce consul. Since it has often had its name changed, in the end, what remained was just an “?”, as it has been temporarily named in the 19th century. This traditional restaurant is one of the few that still preserves the spirit of old Belgrade. As a cultural monument, because of the historical significance and authentic look, the “?” is a real tourist attraction. It is also interesting to note that the tradition of drinking black coffee that is centuries old with Serbs, remained as a legacy in this region – since the times of Ottoman Empire. This is one of the rare places in Belgrade, where you are still allowed to obey the whole ritual of coffee drinking, together with turning the cup upside-down in the end. Throughout the history, this inn was the meeting place of many famous people, and it is right here that billiard appeared for the first time in Belgrade.

An interesting the story about this restaurant dates back to the beginning of the 21st century, when it was supposed to be privatized. That caused disapproval of large number of people, as well as celebrities who stood in its defence. After an entire decade, only in 2011. a decision was made for it to be put under charge of the city of Belgrade.

A restaurant, inn, pub or “bircuz” in Belgrade – has a very long tradition. Since 1830. as a gathering place of writers and artists, they massively start being opened, so it’s no surprise if their great importance as a social institution is noted among the Serbs. The “?” with its traditional Serbian cuisine is excellent recommendations for lunch, just a few steps from your Belgrade Apartments.