Buying goods with an invoice becomes easier when you use Amazon. Not only for the buyer, the invoice for Amazon seller is also important. However, the seller may encounter a faulty invoice or a failure to issue the invoice. How can we deal with this?

What is the invoice for amazon seller?

Amazon is the world’s leading shopping platform, serving a wide range of products across various sectors. When buying on this e-commerce platform, the issuance and receipt of invoices between supplier and seller and between seller and buyer play an important role. Accordingly, the invoice for Amazon seller is used to verify the credibility of the product.

The Amazon seller’s invoice will provide product-related information 

Providing an invoice is a way to maintain a reputation, affirming the reputation of the Amazon e-commerce exchange. Besides, sellers will also be appreciated for offering genuine, good-quality products. The number of customers who choose to buy your product is even greater.

The Amazon seller’s invoice contains important product-related information. It’s stuff like invoice number, seller and buyer address, order date, item, quantity, price, seal, and signature… Amazon wants to provide the best shopping experience for buyers, so they require sellers to provide invoices for verification.

What should you do if you can’t issue an invoice to the seller or if it’s faulty?

Some sellers may encounter invoices not being issued or faulty invoices or even have their accounts suspended. Don’t worry, because you can use Amazoker’s complaint service for sellers. Service committed to reputation, good price, help resolve your complaint quickly, professional.

How do I appeal Amazon suspension?

The seller’s Amazon business sometimes comes up with problems you couldn’t foresee. Therefore, when the seller encounters a faulty invoice, fails to issue it, or has any problems with the account, it is possible to use the complaint service, restoring the Amazoker account.

An appeal for Amazon suspension helps the seller solve the faulty invoice status

  • Step 1: You visit the website and then choose the service you want.
  • Step 2: A form appears. You fill in the most necessary personal information.
  • Step 3: Payment for use of the service, depending on the specific circumstances.
  • Step 4: Wait for Amazoker to get in touch with you for support at the earliest possible time.
  • Step 5: The seller is waiting to receive the results of the complaint from Amazoker.

Why should we choose this service of Amazoker?

There are many units that provide Amazon complaint service, but Amazoker is confident in its superior reputation and quality. The company offers its customers the following benefits when using the service: 

Free consultation 

Amazoker is a professional, free Amazon complaint service provider. The services provided include consulting, appeal amazon suspension, filing complaints, building complaint text, negotiating, setting up, and managing new accounts, as well as updates to Amazon’s policies. Amazoker experts are always ready to answer any questions you encounter and provide an accurate, professional solution.

High success rate of complaints

Amazoker has a team of experienced and skilled experts in solving Amazon procedures. That’s why the rate of successful complaint resolution is so high. The number of customers choosing Amazoker’s complaint service is also growing.

The complaint service invoice for Amazon seller provided by Amazoker has a high success rate

Supporting complaints repeatedly until successful

Failure to issue the invoice or faulty invoices will affect the sales process of the seller’s products. So, Amazon’s complaint service is built to help you complain repeatedly until it succeeds. Customers only need to proceed with the settlement once, and the staff will start processing your request. In particular, the service charges only once, and employees will complain to Amazon until the problem is resolved successfully.

The price is reasonable

Not only is Amazon’s complaint service, but any of the services offered at Amazoker are built at a reasonable cost. Just contact the seller, and they are always willing to answer any questions as well as provide notice of the cost of using the service. Be assured that the unit prices are always reasonable and cheaper than many other units on the market.

Professional process

At Amazoker, the staff will conduct an account evaluation, identifying the reasons why the invoice could not be issued. From there, a plan was established to ensure that the seller’s invoice supply became more convenient. The process of using the complaint service is followed by the following general steps:

Amazoker offers useful service and professional processes

  • Contact Amazoker for a free consultation.
  • Selection of service and close contract with Amazoker.
  • The customer proceeds with the payment of expenses.
  • The staff starts providing the service and reports the results to the customer.

This article provides you with information about the invoice for Amazon seller and instructions on how to use the Amazon complaint service at Amzoker. Please contact our supplier at for instructions on how to make your purchases on this e-commerce platform more efficient.