The Cotswolds, a picturesque area in south-central England, is renowned for its charming villages, rolling hills, and honey-coloured limestone cottages. With plenty of walking trails, meadows, and woodlands, it’s the perfect destination for a holiday with your canine companion. But, with so many cottages advertising as ‘dog-friendly’, how do you choose the right one for you and your four-legged friend? This guide will offer some key considerations to help you select the perfect dog-friendly cottage in the Cotswolds.

1. Check the Dog-Friendly Policy

When researching cottages, the first thing to confirm is the property’s dog-friendly policy. Some cottages allow dogs but have restrictions on the size, breed, or number of dogs. Others charge extra for pets or require a pet deposit. Make sure you fully understand the pet policy to avoid surprises upon arrival.

2. Consider the Location

Your cottage’s location within the Cotswolds is another crucial factor. Look for a place that’s within easy reach of dog-friendly attractions such as parks, walking trails, or dog-friendly pubs and restaurants. Places like Bourton-on-the-Water, Chipping Campden, and Cirencester are renowned for their dog-friendly amenities.

3. Investigate the Outdoor Space

A good dog-friendly cottage should have a safe, secure outdoor space where your dog can run around and explore. Check if the property has a fenced garden or a nearby field where your dog can enjoy some off-leash time.

4. Look at the Indoor Amenities

Indoor amenities are just as important. Does the cottage provide pet beds, bowls, or toys? Is there a comfortable space for your dog to sleep? A truly dog-friendly cottage will consider the needs of your pet as well as your own.

5. Check for Nearby Veterinary Services

In case of emergencies, it’s wise to stay within a reasonable distance of a vet. Check the location of the nearest veterinary clinic to your chosen cottage.

6. Read Reviews

Previous guests’ reviews can offer a wealth of information about how dog-friendly a cottage really is. You might discover useful insights about the area, the property’s cleanliness, or how welcoming the host is towards dogs.

7. Ask About Doggy Extras

Some dog-friendly cottages go the extra mile, offering doggy welcome packs, info on local dog-walking services, or even dog-sitting so you can enjoy a day out without your pet. These extras can make your stay more relaxing and enjoyable.

8. Consider Your Dog’s Needs

Every dog is different. Some are happy to sleep in a crate, while others prefer a pet bed. Some dogs can handle stairs well, while others can’t. Consider your dog’s specific needs when looking at cottages and don’t hesitate to ask questions to the property owners.



Choosing the perfect dog-friendly cottage in the Cotswolds is about more than just finding a place that allows dogs. It’s about finding a property where both you and your furry friend can feel comfortable and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. By considering these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect dog-friendly cottage in the Cotswolds. Remember, the best holiday is one where all family members, including the four-legged ones, are catered to with care and attention.