Knowledge articles and solutions are both commonly used in customer support or knowledge management systems, but they serve slightly different purposes:

Knowledge Articles:

Knowledge articles are comprehensive pieces of content that provide detailed information, instructions, or explanations about a particular topic.
They are often used to educate users, answer frequently asked questions, or provide step-by-step guides.
Knowledge articles are typically written in a more narrative or descriptive style, making them easy for users to understand and follow. For more information please visit techops
They may include images, screenshots, diagrams, or other multimedia elements to enhance comprehension.

Solutions are specific answers or fixes to problems or issues that users encounter.
They are typically more concise and focused compared to knowledge articles, providing direct resolutions to specific problems.
Solutions may be presented as troubleshooting steps, code snippets, configuration settings, or other actionable information aimed at resolving a particular issue.
Unlike knowledge articles, solutions may not provide as much background or context and are often designed to be implemented immediately to solve a problem.
In summary, while both knowledge articles and solutions aim to provide helpful information to users, knowledge articles tend to offer broader explanations or guides, while solutions are more focused on providing direct fixes or answers to specific issues.