Gentlemen, this is a football…

Those are the words of the great Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers football team. The reason why Vince Lombardi was such a great football coach and the reason why his teams won so many football games was because Vince Lombardi understood the fundamentals of football. He realized that the team that blocked, tackled, ran, and caught the football the best would win the football game.

How would you like to be the Vince Lombardi of marketing?

You can. All you have to do is understand that like football marketing has some basic fundamentals and those who understand what these fundamentals are and apply these fundamentals to their business, these are the individuals that will win the marketing game every time.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are marketing a weight loss product, your accounting services, a real estate property or even if you are selling your life like that guy on Ebay, there are 4 parts to the fundamentals of marketing. They are targeting, attracting, converting and selling. If you master these 4 fundamentals, you have mastered the game of marketing.

The first fundamental to marketing is the targeting. In targeting, you have to determine your target prospect for the product or service that you are offering. One of the biggest mistakes many people make in marketing is believing that everyone is a target for their product or service. Even if you offer a product that has universal appeal, like an iPod, there is still an ideal prospect that is more likely to buy from you. That ideal prospect is who you want to focus on.

The second fundamental to marketing is the attracting. Once you have identified your target prospect, the next step is to attract that prospect to your offer. There are a variety of different methods and vehicles that you can use to attract prospects to your offer. Examples include database marketing, back-end marketing, article marketing, viral marketing, Search Engine Optimization marketing, Google AdWords marketing, offline marketing and more. All of these methods and vehicles serve as mechanisms to attract your ideal prospect to your offer.

The third fundamental to marketing is converting. Once you have attracted the prospect to your offer, the next step is to raise the emotional state of the prospect to the point where the prospect connects with your product emotionally. Many people believe that the buying decision is a logical decision. This is actually not true. People buy on emotion and then they use logic to justify their emotional decision. Your job, once you have attracted the prospect to your offer using the above strategies is to use your offer to engage the prospect until they reach an emotional state in which they connect with your offer.

The fourth fundamental to marketing is the selling. You would be amazed at how many people there are out there that do a great job at the first three areas but drop the ball in this last area. Our job as marketers is not to educate the market about our products and services. Our job as marketers is to facilitate the transfer of money in exchange for our products and services. If there is no transfer of money then we didn’t do our job as marketers.

If we master these four fundamentals of marketing, we too can be successful in our craft and be on the road to massive success in our line of business.

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