It’s amazing how many network marketers out there have no clue as to how to properly recruit network marketers online. What makes it even worse are these so called “training” companies that supposedly teach distributors how to effectively build a network marketing business with NO clue what they are doing.

There’s an old saying that goes “those who can, do and those that can’t, teach.” This saying comes as a result of looking at people like the trainers for these so called training companies. It’s amazing that they charge well intended network marketers so much money just to recommend some of the most ridiculous internet marketing strategies ever created.

The following are five of the worst ways to recruit network marketers online. If you are doing any of these things, stop now and learn how to recruit network marketers the proper way. If you are enrolled in any training company that teaches you to do these things, run.

1) Call network marketers that have ads online and try to pitch your opportunity to them. This is one of the worst recruiting strategies ever created, yet it is one of the most common recruiting strategies used by many network marketers.

What you are taught to do is look for ads online by network marketing distributors advertising their products, services or opportunity. You then call them up on the phone and pitch them your opportunity over the phone. The idea is that since most network marketers aren’t making a lot of money, you will catch one on a bad day and recruit them.

2) Respond to ads placed by network marketers, pretend to be a serious prospect and then try to pitch your opportunity to them. This strategy is even worse than strategy #1 because not only is it a bad strategy but it’s dishonest as well.

With this strategy you are taught to find advertisements that you can respond to that will allow you to become a business opportunity lead. This will allow you to get on the lead lists of a number of different network marketers. As a result, they will contact you. You pretend to be interested in the opportunity just long enough until it’s time to get started. Then you try to turn the tables and get them to join your opportunity.

3) Post to discussion boards, blogs, social networking web sites like Myspace and Facebook in the areas where network marketers congregate about your opportunity.

All of the above web sites are excellent ways to meet and recruit network marketers. However, what you shouldn’t be doing is just posting about your network marketing opportunity. In most cases, this is considered “message board spam.” Your posts will likely be deleted and you could even be banned from that particular community.

4) Find a “genealogy list” online to buy of a network marketing company that went out of business and call them.

This strategy is extremely inefficient at best, a complete waste of time at worst. When a network marketing company goes out of business, most distributors that were a part of that company are simply not going to join an opportunity with a complete stranger that called them from a lead list.

In many cases, they are going to be extremely negative on the entire network marketing industry and not worth talking to. The best prospects in that company generally already know what new company they are headed to because they are going to follow their upline.

5) Find networkers selling network marketing related products online and try to recruit them.

With this approach you look for web sites run by network marketers selling products related to network marketing. You then try to contact them and recruit them.