Many people have lost their jobs, homes and businesses. While many others live in fear of losing their jobs, homes and businesses. So what is the best thing to do during this time? Shouldn’t we best prepare ourselves for the worst? Is there nothing we can do about our future? Are we so dependent on our bosses for lifestyle? Is conventional business, ie hiring of premises, staff, the only way to get into business? Isn’t business risky?

If you ask the government, they will tell you to cut back and give you ideas on how to save on your energy bills and to budget. If you ask the financial experts, they suggest you must save at least 6 months salary, so if you do lose your job, you have a six month cushion. If you ask the banks, they say make extra mortgage payments, think about paying your mortgage early.

Further suggestions are to cut back on spending money on ‘so called’ luxury items i.e. clothes etc. What about food? We could certainly make some cut backs there. The list of cut back items could go on and on. But aren’t we all really just missing the point?

Every good plan should have solutions to problems and should be backed up with backup plans. If all we do, is save money, cut back on social activities, leisure and food, make further mortgage payments and live in fear, surely all we are doing is working on solutions to our problems now, what about the future? Conventional business owners have no shelter from the boom and bust of this century. Look how many conventional business owners are going out of business because banks are refusing to lend money? Even good businesses are being put out of business. Banks have either frozen their lending or have asked for their overdrafts back.

This is an era, where jobs and conventional businesses are no longer a safe option. Property is no longer safe and many are being repossessed or are in negative equity. Those who face repossession can look forward to the mercy of their landlords when they being renting, who increase their rent, in order to keep their own heads above water.

Those lucky few, who have some money saved, where is it best to stash your cash? When you do find a place? What will your saving interest be like? Will it rise steadily in line with inflation?

Many companies are downsizing and so many people over the coming years, will face redundancy. What about those poor individuals, who have saved hard all their lives for a pension, they have seen almost disappear overnight? What are they to do? What are we to do? Is it safe to continue putting your hard earned cash into your pension? We could go on and on. Doom and gloom, what can we do? Surely there is nothing we can do but cut back? Wait for the market to pick back up in the next few years and hope for the best. Could we work towards a safer secure future? Could we build a business that may bring financial freedom in years to come? With low, start up costs and big returns?

Maybe, just maybe there is a way to build a more secure financial future? Could

‘Network Marketing’ be the next big thing.

Why have millions of people around the world, joined the network marketing industry? Is it the promise of financial freedom? Is it the idea of low cost, start ups with big return on investments, the thing that attracts people to network marketing?

Why are there many network marketing companies springing up all over the place? How do you decide which is a ‘scam’ or which is genuine? Which is right? Which is wrong for you?

Questions you may ask yourself are, do I have to stick fliers on cars or bus stops? Do I have to recruit my family and friends? Everyone knows someone who has failed in one of those network marketing companies. Is it a pyramid scheme? Is it a rich quick scheme? Why are there so many? What’s the difference between them? Can I make make money online? Is it an automated business or do I need to be there all the time to make money? How many hours are required? How long before I make money? Do I have to sell? Can I work around my job? Do I get any training? Network marketing can certainly be mind boggling.

If you are a newbie considering network marketing, then I would suggest to do thorough research and due diligence before making a decision on which business is right for you. Some potential questions to ask are below, but these questions are not an exhaustive list.

Does this business require me to sell to friends and family?
Will this business still make money for me if I’m off ill or away on holiday?
How will I be supported?
Is there training and what training will I receive?
Do I have to store physical products?
Do I have to hold parties or get people to attend meetings? Can I do it?
Can I make money online?
Do I have to sell or can someone close sales for me on my behalf?
How long as the business been around for?
There are so many different network marketing businesses it may be difficult to choose which is right for you. The new trend in network marketing which has proven to be successful is network marketing companies that are completely online ( i.e. you can work from home and no need to go out and find people to attend meetings etc). These types of businesses show their business presentation online. So all your potential associates have to do, is press a button, in the comfort of their homes. Another benefit to these types of businesses is that you can watch the business presentations as often as you like. If you are not fully upto date with the internet and do not know how to Make Money Online [], then it would be wise to join a network marketing business, that trains you on how to be successful. This can be done through a mentor or via video/audio as step by step instructions, or both. Audio/video teachings can be advantageous. If you didn’t understand first time around, then you can watch or listen to the trainings until you understand.