Affiliate marketing is basically in short, selling other people’s products as an affiliate. An affiliate is like an independent salesperson that gets a commission on each completed sale.

You can be an affiliate of many affiliate programs or just one. It’s your choice. And you can sell anything online from physical products like DVDs, vitamin supplements to digital products like ebooks and music MP3 files.

Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest opportunities for anyone wishing to earn a fortune online. The overwhelming use of the Internet by people all over the world has made the Internet the biggest marketing arena of all time.

Millions upon millions of people turn to the Internet everyday looking for information or to make purchases of all kinds.

It is the overwhelming popularity of the Internet that draws millions of companies large and small and individuals as well to market their products online.

The consumer has the power to shop, search and compare whatever they intend to buy from thousands if not millions of suppliers.

Never in the history of the world has the consumer held this kind of purchasing power and for affiliate marketers the Internet has leveled the playing field.

Becoming an affiliate marketer on the Internet could not be any easier. There is an infinite number of affiliate programs online and they are free and easy to join. Anyone can get started in affiliate marketing and you can choose to do it full-time or part-time.

Even though affiliate marketing is easy to get into and can be very lucrative there are some absolute skills that must be mastered if you want to see some real success.

The alluring part of the whole business is that you do not have to have your own product to be in business but you do have to have your own marketing skills to become successful.

The most successful affiliate marketers have a good understanding of three major skills that are necessary for any marketer to be successful.

These skills consist of having a good understanding of market research, marketing and most importantly copywriting skills.

The easiest way to get started in affiliate marketing is to sign-up for a ClickBank account. ClickBank is one of the best places to find affiliate programs for down loadable information products and membership continuity programs.

Many affiliates would agree that promoting products from ClickBank is the easiest and most profitable for several reasons.

People love instant gratification. When someone purchases a product from a vendor through ClickBank they get to download that product immediately so this increases the number of visitors that actually make a purchase. People are impatient and they don’t like to wait for delivery of their purchase.

Commissions on the sale of ClickBank products can be as high as 75% and this makes promoting ClickBank products very attractive. Affiliates are also drawn to ClickBank due to the large variety of products that they can promote.

The biggest problem with promoting ClickBank products is that the product owners are not marketers so their sales copy is most often very amateurish and this can have a huge affect upon your sales.

The most common way of promoting products as an affiliate marketer is to advertise on Google’s pay-per-click AdWords system.

When you are paying to send people to a sales letter you need to have as many conversions as possible to make a good return on investment.

There are affiliate marketers that earn well into the six figure per month range. But the secret to achieving that level of success is to create your own sales copy.

The highest paid affiliates are the ones who take the vendors sales letter and hire a professional copywriter to rewrite the sales letter completely.

When you have a professional copywriter producing a sales letter for a product you can see conversions go from 1 or 2% to as high as 60 or 70%.

The bottom line is if you really want to make a full-time living from affiliate marketing you need to have the ability to do proper market research so you know exactly what products to sell.

You could waste a lot of time and money if you don’t know how to research a market and pick the winning products that have a hungry crowd of buyers just waiting to spend their money.

Once you have a list of well researched products you need to know how to do the proper keyword research so you can market the products without spending a small fortune on your advertising.