It’s not enough to create a single Squidoo lens drawn from PLR content and expect to attract traffic and make affiliate sales. Squidoo affiliate marketing requires a plan of attack and the perseverance to implement it. Like any other marketing strategy, affiliate marketing on Squidoo involves creating value – offering something that meets the needs of potential buyers. This means providing timely, relevant, up-to-date information. It also demands the integration of a range of marketing methods to augment and promote the Squidoo site(s).

There are three fundamental approaches to Squidoo affiliate marketing – the campaign method, the turnover method and the authority site method. Irrespective of which approach you employ, you will need to develop a plan of attack and the resolute tenacity to see it through. Successful affiliate marketers who use the campaign method are prepared to do the necessary research to create sets of lenses around specific products and produce articles that supplement their Squidoo lenses.

Those who adopt the turnover method effectively, produce hundreds of quality lenses, not just five or ten. Affiliate marketers who build successful authority sites on Squidoo update their core lens daily, build complementary lenses and engage in extensive social networking.

This stick-to-it-ive-ness (or stick-at-it-ness) is a defining quality of successful affiliate marketers, whatever method they use. The really successful affiliate marketers are not satisfied with ten articles, they produce thousands; they are not happy to produce blog posts once a week, they post twice a day (covering different time zones); or they may work persistently at developing an in-depth authority site in a key niche. This dogged perseverance ensures success because over time they add substantial value for the potential buyer.

They are willing to persist for long periods of time while the unsuccessful (95% of affiliate marketers) give up and try something new. The key to the success of effective affiliate marketers is not only that they have a marketing plan but that they stick to it. They have stick-to-it-ive-ness. They stick to their marketing plan and don’t deviate – they are not distracted by the latest and greatest. They may complement their approach with supportive techniques, but they maintain their fundamental plan.

They are willing to do what 95% of people are not. Successful affiliate marketers do the daily grind as well as the more interesting aspects of affiliate marketing (and when they are successful, they give the daily grind to someone else to do). If you want to be successful with Squidoo affiliate marketing, or any other approach to marketing affiliate products, you need a marketing plan and the stick-at-it-ive-ness to implement the plan consistently over time. Tenacity and dogged perseverance are essential qualities if you want to realise your income goals.