Online Marketing Service unveils presupposition currently used by online marketers to induce one to buy their product. I bookmark this action the Three White Sins of 2008 because it is a lie and typically intend to hurt one. Without knowing these misleading statements I wish you all the best of luck in the whole wide web. In this article I’ll outline the three white sins spread all over the internet and I want you to be aware of and save your soul.


Presuppose is defined by The American Heritage Dictionary, to require or involve necessarily as an antecedent condition. Theologically, the Bible assumes the existence of Living God and is nothing says more about it through out the entire book. It is an antecedent condition of mind and faith. Hence in the light of network marketing presupposition is the understanding you should have prior falling into a sales pitch that deliberately attack your feelings and emotions.

The first and foremost is the sales pitch over exaggerating, You can start making money right now. How many times you find these words on the internet? Yes I heard you, so many times. The truth of the matter you are not.

Secondly Your niche market has to be your passion. This is a major emphasis for marketers to choose only what they love and like for their business endeavor. This is a sin. Why? Because it leads one to dig deep and invest in his own interest which is not what your prospects like or love.

Lastly, the misleading statement, You do not need money to make money. This is not true. How can you run a business without money to meet the expenses.

1. You Can Start Making Money Right Now

This is a pure lie statement leading you to empty your wallet. Many people are surfing the internet looking for an immediate solution to their financial situation. They fall into this sales pitch, You can start making money right now, and many times they did not know until later they are in worst position than they were financially. They fall into the trap.

Please understand and aware this fact about making money online. There is no such thing as rich quick or make money right now online. If this is true we are all millionaires and most people will be doing the same. Let me give you another one:

It says something like this, All you need to do is simply type in three lines and you’re done. (The fourth line is your URL) Many people do not understand what this is for. It is implying Google AdWords Campaign. Why don’t they come out and say it black and white? It is intended to lead you astray.

I fall into this trap myself and loose a lot of money. The truth of the matter is hiding until later I find out this is affiliate marketing and there is a skill required. You need to know the product you’re promoting, the commission earn and the company behind it. Worst of, the core of affiliate marketing is how to advertise and drive traffics which is a $64000 question.

Further, always have in mind there is a learning curve on internet marketing. Learning curve varies and depends on each individual. You cannot just jump in and make money. Kindly allow me to give you my story. It took me almost 30 months to recover my first dollar online. My slow process was due to these three sins and do not have a Coach at the time.

Having safe guard yourself from this misleading fact, I want you to know the basic fundamentals of online business. They are your next move towards your online endeavor: a niche market (starving crowd mentioned following), a complete market system and a Coach.

2. Niche Market

Niche market is a hungry crowd that are looking for a particular service/product to solve their problem. This is the fundamental basis why we want an online business. That is, there are people out there we can provide them what they want in return for a small charge. Our job is to identify them (target market) and create the product and give it to them. Once you identified the need, then the product is born (create). Your next step is to position yourself where this starving crowd will find you to give them what they want when they want it.

However, market trainings and products sold all over the internet encourage and train the internet marketers that Niche Market should be what you like and love. It has to be your passion and delight. Why? Because it is what you are going to spend the rest of your life doing. And because it is your passion you’re not going to give it up or abandoned. There may be difficult times and frustrations but because a will to be, you will hang on and keep going.

This is a 2008 big white sin online. Your passion is yours neither mine nor any body else. I definitely assure you that I do not like and delight in your passion. Your passion is yours and is individualistic not a worldwide connections like the air we breath or water we drink. We all created differently by the Creator and so as to every aspects of our being including our love and like life.

Further, I cannot make a decision for you and vise visa. Meaning, to encourage you to take and act on what I like and love is a mere nonsense. Following someone elses’ passion is sure tsunami destruction. No wonder why so many failures on internet marketing because of this misleading worldwide marketing teaching and emphasis. You can only pursue one of your own interests and no one likes it and so as to your online business if you insisted.

What Is A Niche Market?

I am glad you ask. Your niche market is the target market you discovered as I mentioned above. Not only that but you have created the product your customers need, not your passion. You cannot create a product you like and sell it to the target market already identified. It is like putting the cart in front of the horse.

We are in service business. That is we are out there to help solving others problem. Therefore always have your prospect in mind, what he wants like and enjoy. It is our business to find, create and provide them with. That is how you can make money.

Tip you may interested in:

There are thousands and thousands of internet marketing business created every day. This led us to believe internet marketers are a probable niche. They are the people you market to at the first place. Why? First, it is a huge market and secondly, they are interested in what you are promoting because they are looking for skills to advance their online business.

Always do your research first and determine your niche from the result of your research.

Will I Have a Chance To Do My Own Niche?

Of course you do. When you make money online then you have some ideas how you can properly start working on your own niche.

3. You Do Not Need Money To make Money Online

This is a fallacy and misrepresentation of facts. Again, many fall into this misleading statement through the sales pitch. Product owners use these phrases to put more weight on the quality of their products.