Network marketing is drawing a lot of interest these days. Part of it is due to the bad economy. Others are simply looking for opportunities that network marketing provides, especially with the use of the internet.

But what does it take to succeed in a network marketing business? Despite all the hype, not everyone who gets involved in network marketing is wildly successful. In fact, because they lack the most essential ingredients for success, most will eventually grow discouraged and give up.

This is too bad, because a network marketing business provides a wonderful opportunity for those looking to get more control of their lives and improve their financial situation.

There are several essentials that every network marketer — or aspiring network marketer — needs to keep in mind. The sooner these are understood the better.

Essential #1 — the network marketing company

There are countless network marketing opportunities available today, offering a large variety of products and services. But not all of these opportunities are the same. Each one depends on the quality of the company behind the opportunity.

As you consider a network marketing business, be sure and learn some things about the company that you are thinking about. How long has the company been around, and what is its financial condition? What is the compensation plan and bonus structure that the company provides? Can you find people who have been with the company for years, or does everyone you meet seem to be a newbie? The presence of representatives who have been around a long time is a good sign of a healthy company.

One other area to look at is what drives the company. Is it driven simply by a desire to make money, or a passion for its product or service? I’d tend to prefer a network marketing company that had its product or service developed before it went into business, as opposed to a company that set up shop and then tried to come up with something to market.

If you desire to succeed in network marketing, take a careful look at the company offering you an opportunity.

Essential #2 — the marketing strategy

Most network marketers have very little strategy. At best, they seek to grow their business by sharing their product, service, or opportunity with as many people as possible, beginning with those closest to them. The problem with this approach is that it not only alienates you from your friends and relatives, but it is also not the most effective way to connect products and services with interested users.

When real businesses market, they have a strategy to connect with their target market. Those with a network marketing business need to do the same. An ideal way for network marketers to accomplish this is by providing high quality education and information. The possibilities of doing this has grown exponentially, thanks to the internet.

The system of attraction marketing [], which relies on the provision of quality information, has given network marketers a whole new way of doing business that brings success. It’s strength is that it serves to attract prospects to the marketer and what she has to offer.

Essential #3 — the network marketer

Once a network marketing company is selected and a marketing strategy is developed, the network marketer becomes most important for success. There’s no such thing as just signing up with a company and plugging into a system, and then going to the mailbox to retrieve checks. Network marketers must work the system they have developed to see success.