Those who operate home based businesses are getting more creative with their marketing plans. At one time, the most common method for network marketers was to simply present the information to friends and family members. As network marketers have bounced from one organization to the next, they eventually became members of the NFL, or simply no friends left.

Over the years, companies have made millions generating network marketing and home based business leads for NFL members as well as new network marketers who simply did not want to approach their warm market. The companies entice internet surfers to submit their information and become a lead for someone looking to sign up new network marketers.

There are well over 200 marketing possibilities available to home based business owners. Of course, just about all new network marketers ask the same exact question. They all want to know what marketing method works best.

Usually, new home based business owners will gravitate to a simple marketing method that they have been told is easy to duplicate. Buying names and phone numbers and calling those people while reading a script to them is probably the most common.

Less than five percent of the people who start a new home based business ever make any money from the business. There are several reasons for the failure rate, but one big reason is that most new marketers choose a marketing plan that is not a match for them. Lots of them try to call people and read scripts, but if their hearts are not in it, they never really connect with the people at the other end of the phone.

Others see internet marketing as the cool and clean way to market their network marketing business. Most, who try to market on the internet, don’t make any money. Internet marketers who succeed don’t rely on the “Field of Dreams” theory. The motto of that baseball movie was “Build it and they will come”. As many internet marketers who have built fancy websites realize, they don’t just come. They need to get them there.

Many who think they can succeed using internet marketing as the primary method of generating sales for their home based business never make any money. Either they are not tech oriented or they just don’t properly market their websites. Either way, internet marketing was not a match for them.

By now, you may be catching on to the theme here. It’s not good enough to choose a marketing method that people say you can duplicate or one you think looks cool. Network marketers have to choose the marketing method that is the best match for them.

When network marketers stop just following the leader and expose themselves to all the marketing possibilities, they are able to logically choose the best marketing plan for them. If home based business owners choose a method that involves activities they enjoy, they will take the time to learn all about it. Don’t you like to read and watch films about things you enjoy?

If network marketers choose a plan they enjoy working, they will probably stick with it until they start generating income and that is more than half the battle. On average it takes at least three attempts at something to have success. Did you know the average network marketer makes less than one attempt? That’s because so many quit in the planning stage.

Most of the time network marketers are forced by others into marketing plans that are not a match for them. The marketing method may require them to do activities they don’t look forward to, like calling strangers on the phone or reading complex internet marketing books.

Whenever network marketers try to work a marketing plan that involves activities they don’t enjoy, they will look for ways to avoid working. Most people don’t really fail with a network marketing business that they are committed to. The failures just tend to gradually drift away from performing the activities that would lead to the success they desire. Owners of home based businesses, who don’t perform the required activities, don’t make money.