Internet network marketing has come to the relief of many network marketers. Traditionally, the use of warm market, friends and family, cold calling, the 3-foot rule, prospect list, opportunity meetings, hotel presentations, was the way to go, but today with the emergence of the internet and internet marketing, things have changed for the better.

Internet marketers are finding help through a lot of free marketing tools; blogs, article submissions, videos, etc… One would agree, that since internet marketing has showed its face, marketers are really getting an advantage over the traditional methods of network marketing.

Internet marketing has done two things, the first is, putting back the net in network, and secondly, putting back the marketing in network marketing. The old way of marketing did work in its time for some people, but employing the old methods against today’s’ technology, the present seems to over-power it drastically.

Word of mouth should not be just word of mouth, it should be the words that came out of a made up mind, one who is totally convinced that the service or product he/she is promoting is really the best on the market.

The mind has a lot to do with what comes out of the mouth, one would have to practice quite a lot to master word of mouth marketing techniques. Who like to confront people anyway? The fear of rejection can also prevent one from speaking to anyone about a business opportunity or such like. Word of mouth network marketing has its place in the industry, and is not totally outdated, there is a right time and place to use this method.

The internet is used by today’s’ network marketers. It is the internet that makes systems so effective. The systems used by network and internet marketers must generate leads on auto-pilot, prospects must come through a sales funnel which also provides training to as many that would opt in. some provide social media training, how to market on sites like, Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Youtube, etc…

Some systems have built into them affiliate programs, leads and prospects can sign in to all these programs without leaving their websites, and get commissions through the sales and use of the affiliate programs. This help many network marketers to have an income while working on promoting their primary businesses.

You would not have to chase another prospect around to try to get them to join your network marketing business. When they find your site online, and read your information, and maybe like what you are offering, they would add themselves to your list, if they also leave their phone numbers you can contact them which most do not expect you to do.

I believe that you can see why internet network marketing is much easier than word of mouth network marketing. If given the choice, which would you choose?