The Forex Market:
Trading national currencies in a market is known as FOREX. The Forex market is a place for individuals, businesses, financial institutions, the public sector and nations to make a profit off the varying currency prices. This is done through judging which currencies rise and fall against other currencies. These currencies are traded in pairs. This generally means that every currency will pair against every other currency and have a price. For example if you are trading between sterling pounds and US dollars and both currencies fall 10%, you are in the same spot as you were before. You wouldn’t make a loss if you used either currency to buy the other because their ratio will be similar.

The Forex Market however is not as complicated as the stock market. Although, a greater deal of knowledge is required as you don’t study companies, but rather you study nations. The Forex Market is an over-the-counter market. This means it a global market with no centralized trading area. The Forex Market will be available to anyone twenty-four hours a day, five days a week.

Since the Forex market is not widely publicized, not much information is readily available. Thus, not many people will fully understand it. As well as that, since the profit margins are extremely small, many people will not think entering the forex market is worth the risk.

When two currencies are traded it is known as a currency. This is how the currencies are trade in the Forex market. There will always be a set of currencies that are more popular to trade with. These are high volume currencies and it is unnecessary to study all the currencies as each requires a great deal of study. The main idea behind successfully trading in the Foreign Exchange Market is to create a strategy that works for the investor.

The Stock Market:
The stock market is one of the more traditional ways to create a profit from an investment. The stock market can produce double digit profits compared to the return from bonds, but it is not the easiest market to take part in. Trying to achieve 20% to 30% gains in short periods of time creates a lot of risk as well as uncertainty. The investor would have to perform vast amounts of research, which would still not be a guarantee. This is because it is never known when a company would decide to fold or go bankrupt.

One of the main advantages of the stock market is that a person with little knowledge about it can still make a profit. For example, knowing that blue chip stocks don’t loose value, would allow the person to invest in it and still create a profit. Another added advantage of the stock market is that it is good for long term investing. Investment trusts and unit trusts are the most popular long term investments.

The differences between the stock market and forex market are significant. The advantages and disadvantage of the stock market and the forex market have been explained. Choosing which one to participate in is up to the trader. It depends on their wants and needs, and the amount of time they wish to invest into trading.