The World Wide Web is rife with internet marketing books. A quick search will find you thousands of internet marketing books.

There’s internet marketing books about building lists, pay-per-click advertising, copywriting, on and on, etc. etc. When I say “internet marketing books” I’m referring to, on a blanket basis, e books, courses, etc. I’m using the term “internet marketing books” for a specific reason, which I’ll go into.

The common denominator to all these “internet marketing books”, aside from the fact they deal with creating an income from marketing on the internet, is that they are pitched with a direct marketing sales letter. The internet is in essence a direct marketing medium. This is opposed to the Madison Avenue, “branding” approach used by a majority of the publicly-funded “dot.coms” from the late 90’s. At that time, a matter of history now, a tremendous amount of money was being pumped into any kind of internet start-up company that could scrape together a public stock offering. The result was a massive infusion of cash into an industry that fundamentally didn’t understand their own marketing medium. The result was a reliance on “the guys who should know”- Madison avenue. This combination, for a few sharp marketers at that time, was predictable; a handful of essentially clueless businessmen- with a lot of money, another handful of essentially clueless (in that medium) ad men- who loved to spend money, and thrown into the mix- an almost fanatical investor base that drove the stock market by throwing incredible amounts of money at it. The result? Of course the bursting bubble which we were all unfortunate to experience.

A successful internet marketer today would drool over the advertising budget of just one of those “talking sock” ads on the Superbowl. One of the fundamental principles of direct marketing is accountability. That is, the ad and the medium must be accountable. If the average customer is going to spend, let’s say, ten dollars, then it better cost less than ten dollars to get that customer (a point that was missed back in the heyday). This is accomplished in many ways. The testing of ads is a huge factor. Another is proven copywriting that motivates the reader to take action.

And so back to the “internet marketing books”. The names of some of these internet marketing books can be hilarious. “Try my Internet Decimating Website Annihilator 2.0!”. It will be accompanied by a lurid and tacky sales letter that tries to reach out and grab one by the throat. But guess what? That sales letter works (or does if the product is around for any length of time, the quality of the course notwithstanding). It works great…if you already have an interest in internet marketing books. If you don’t, well then…it looks kind of lurid and tacky, and well…kind of like a scam.

But chances are, it could be an excellent product that, diligently applied, can get one’s fledgling internet marketing business into the black, and give one great success. For a lot of guys new to the subject, getting their feet wet, there is another factor to contend with. That would be their wife. If she’s understanding and open about what could possibly be “another crazy scheme”, then that’s wonderful. We should all be so blessed! But if not, the chances of showing her one of these sales letters favored by internet marketing books…and not having her role her eyes… is pretty slim.

And this factor isn’t limited to just the wife. It could be a husband, siblings, parents, grandparents, close friends, anyone close that might have a negative perception of any internet marketing books or, rightly or wrongly, the subject in general. What is needed is an educational tool to address this. What would this look like? How would you use it? What result would it produce? How easy would it be to use? These would all be important factors.

The internet as a marketing medium is somewhat evolved since the days (only 10 years ago) of the “” carnival ride. As a potential business venture, internet marketing is a viable alternative to many other possibilities which require more start-up capital than the average person could afford. One can get started with very little money and produce a respectable income in a very short period of time. This is also it’s undoing, as the “easy come- easy go” perception of it gives it an air of being, again…a scam. So there is a very real need for an educational tool to handle this misperception of internet marketing. And most internet marketing books do not address this factor.