Many people confuse these two concepts: “Information marketing” and “Internet marketing”.

While there are tools and techniques that overlap in these two fields, they really are very different strategies for offering products and services on the Internet. Neither is better than the other; just used for different purposes.

“Internet” Marketing

INTERNET marketing is focused on making money around having a website. Most offer many choices for the visitor. The sites frequently have pages for products, testimonials, contact information and company information.

The main marketing efforts with Internet marketing are around driving traffic to the site through activities such as ad words, search engine optimization, blogging and so forth. The purpose is to get high numbers of visitors so that at least some percentage of them will see something they like and choose to purchase it.

This is not a bad approach. In fact, when working with larger corporations and the B2B community (Business To Business) it is essential. There are a number of techniques for integrating the Internet marketing approach with the Information Marketing techniques.

If you’re planning to create an information marketing system, you may want to add elements of Internet marketing later. Until then, I’m going to suggest that you “let go” of your ideas on any existing website you have at the moment.

Don’t delete what you have on the web now or stop using your pages, but do create your Information Marketing system independently. Later you can take some of the philosophies and techniques and apply them to your website and Internet marketing activities.

“Information” Marketing

INFORMATION marketing is the science and art of giving and selling “bits of knowledge”, “how to”, and other “information” to people who want it – online.

Remember, we are in the “Information Age” – because that is what everyone is demanding – how to do this, how to do that. They want to know what will it take to lose weight, how to thrive after setbacks or even how to execute your vision.

You make money by selling your knowledge, your expertise in a variety of ways.

Everything revolves around your expertise…your knowledge…the information you have. You take that insight and experience you have and package it into a wide array of products.

What type of things can you sell, you ask?

You can create PDF e-books, seminar transcripts and booklets. You can also sell teleseminars, webinars and workshops. There are services that you can bundle that combine e-documents like assessments, checklists and forms with face-to-face interaction such as coaching, consulting and training. Really, the sky’s the limit. Be creative.

To show off the differences between Information and Internet Marketing even more, take a look at some of the comparisons between the two.

Uses a squeeze page

INFORMATION Marketing: Often
INTERNET Marketing: Never
Offers a Special Report in trade for email

INFORMATION Marketing: Yes
INTERNET Marketing: Seldom
Promotes one product at a time

INFORMATION Marketing: Yes
INTERNET Marketing: No
Guides the visitor through a path

INFORMATION Marketing: Yes
INTERNET Marketing: No
Prominently offers an ezine or newsletter

INFORMATION Marketing: Yes
INTERNET Marketing: No
Captures names and develops loyalty

INFORMATION Marketing: Yes
INTERNET Marketing: No