Do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or burnt out with your present marketing strategy? Attraction marketing training is one of the most sought after topics within the network marketing community today. Why is it that so many internet network marketers are turning to attraction marketing training as a solution to their lead generation problems? The most common answer is because they were never properly trained in the first place and their upline is still working the old school methods.

Network marketing, more specifically multi level marketing, has an extremely low success rate. Part of the reason for the low success is the picture that is painted by your upline is fabricated. During the courtship of getting you signed up you heard all the success stories and they pretty much had you eating out of the palm of their hand. This is because they are trained recruiters.

Do not confuse recruiting with attraction marketing training. You see their main goal is a numbers game. After you’ve made your investment into the multi level business they have already earned revenue from you. And they do want you to succeed because they will continue to reap the rewards of your hard work as long as you stay your course on their terms. But what happens once the dust settles and you start hearing the rejection and feeling the frustration?

If your mlm upline is anything like mine was they’ll make suggestions such as talk to 30 people a day before you go home or buy more leads and work the script. Eventually they stop calling and e-mailing because you aren’t putting the almighty dollar in their pockets. If more multi level marketing businesses knew how to teach attraction marketing training their network marketing success rate would improve drastically and their residual income would hit the roof.

The problem is most network marketing uplines are too immersed in their mlm business model which hasn’t changed in years to go out on a limb and invest their time in attraction marketing training. That and they don’t want to be an attraction marketing trainer. Sometimes you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and if buying leads, hanging pull tabs, distributing fliers, etc. works for them then why would they bother to take the time to learn attraction marketing training.

This is the primary reason that attraction marketing training is searched so heavily. Network marketers are looking for solutions and more information but are timid about taking action out of fear of being out on their own without any support. What will your mlm upline sponsors reaction be when you tell them that you are learning a new model of promoting your business? Who is going to be there to support you when you start to feel overwhelmed?

A recent poll showed that 70% of Americans have thought about starting a work from home business. That is one extremely large audience. What is holding them back? Why haven’t they taken action? The answer is they don’t know how to start and they need attraction marketing training that hasn’t been available to them in the past. There have been plenty of internet network marketing training and coaching programs available for years but only a hand full provide one on one training and support. This is the missing link to taking action on starting a work from home business.