Affiliate marketing facts show that successful affiliate marketers (often called “Internet Marketers”) come from all walks of life and from many diverse backgrounds. Truth is, if you own a computer, have an internet connection and are willing to learn as you go, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from becoming a successful internet marketer!. The affiliate marketing facts are, many of the most financially successful internet marketers are just simple everyday people like you and I!

As the title of this article says, you don’t need to be a computer nerd to be successful either! If you can write a letter, get around on the net and have a basic understanding of how to use your computer, you certainly have enough skills to start your internet marketing journey. Again, the affiliate marketing facts are that as our economy changes and as money becomes harder to come by, more and more people are turning to the internet as a means to supplement their incomes.

Just take a look at the following scenarios and see if you fit one of them. The affiliate marketing facts are that people in the following categories are extremely successful in developing internet marketing as a second income stream. Indeed, many are so successful that internet marketing becomes their full time job! So, are you:

1. A stay at home mom who could sure use some extra cash but are unable to join the regular workforce at the moment? Can you see yourself finding some time each day to devote to internet marketing ( evenings after the kids are in bed, or nap times in the afternoon?) The facts are that stay at home moms make up a significant portion of successful internet marketers, with the flexibility of the hours many moms work on their projects being a major bonus as they earn money.

2. A retiree who could use a few extra dollars to fund your retirement? With the economy eating away at the value of retirement plans as the economy falters would you like the opportunity to earn some income from home and in your own time? Again Affiliate marketing facts show that internet marketing has no age barriers, with many internet marketers coming from the ranks of recent retirees.

3. A College student who could fit some computer work in around lectures and assignments? Extra income is always welcome when you are studying, and the affiliate marketing facts are that many young people still in their teens are very successful internet marketers.

4. Just About Anyone who has the interest to work from home, in their own hours and at their own pace. If you have an interest in learning something new, and in working using your own computer, you too can become a successful internet marketer earning a very respectable income.

As you can see, there are no limits! The affiliate marketing facts are that age, gender, background and experience will not stop you in any way from pursuing a career in internet marketing if you want to give it a try. Who knows, if you take the plunge it could be you writing an article just like this in only a few months time!

Affiliate marketing is growing as one of the major sources of home business opportunities. If you are considering becoming an affiliate marketer though, it is essential that you find a resource that will teach you exactly the skills and techniques you will need to succeed.

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