The future of sex machines involves advancements in technology and robotics. As technology continues to progress, we may see more sophisticated and customizable sex machine that cater to individual preferences. This could include features like artificial intelligence for more realistic interactions, virtual reality integration for immersive experiences, and improvements in materials and design for comfort and functionality. However, it’s essential to note that societal attitudes, ethical considerations, and regulations will play a significant role in shaping the development and acceptance of such technologies. Privacy, consent, and ethical use will be crucial aspects to address as these technologies evolve.

Alex scoured his hands together. “O.k. everything looks great, all that is left is to give you something to chomp down on.

John moved his wheel seat nearer to the bed. “Huh? clamp down? You let me know I would feel like I could walk once more. Presently you’re advising me to chomp down? What on God’s green earth Alex.”

“Loosen up John, it’s a model, I’m being cautious.” Alex gave him a moved up towel. “It’s in the event we overstim. I don’t need you staying quiet or…”

“Definitely you’re being cautious, me’s getting connected into… anything that this is. You let me know it was protected.” John took a gander at the headset on the thin assessment bed. Beautiful wires contorted over and around weighty dull goggles in a labyrinth broken simply by flickering blue drove lights.

“Safe? This thing seems to be the head protector they use on the hot seat. I have hardly any familiarity with this Alex… “

“Loosen up my companion, I guarantee you, I guarantee you, it’s protected, I’m simply being extra cautious. Maintain that nothing should happen to my closest friend.”

“Uh huh. Tell that to the EMTs.”

“Simply trust me.” Alex pulled dark velcro lashes separated at the rear of the headset. The sound murmured in the quiet room. “You should simply unwind, set down and allow it to work out.” He gave the gadget over to John. “You’ll say thanks to me later.”

“In the event that I live. I should truly trust you”. The headset was shockingly weighty. It murmured somewhat as he changed the lashes on his head. “Does it need to be weigh to such an extent?”