The world of outsourcing has quickly expanded to include many other nations. It is one of the quickest and most affordable methods for startups to compete with well-established major corporations. In today’s fast-paced climate, having access to specialist skills has become necessary. However, it might be difficult to find a trained provider for a pressing need. Fortunately, there are numerous freelance work websites where a buyer can post his project or needs and find a skilled expert to do it quickly.

Based on the year they started, here are the top five websites to list your needs:

LimeExchange (2008): This online freelancing marketplace offers a large database of qualified experts from all around the world, as well as strong collaboration tools, an intuitive web interface, clear pricing, secure escrow-based payments, a question and answer forum, and other features. It is now making a special offer to all customers. When a project is successfully completed, buyers may submit it for free and get incentives of up to 4% of the project’s total value in reward points. You can use these reward points to save money on future projects or purchases of services on LimeExchange. You can also use them to buy gifts from the reward product catalogue, such as iPods, iPhones, digital cameras, CamCorders, gift certificates, and more.

Another well-known website for posting freelance jobs is Guru (2004). Additionally, it offers tens of thousands of experts from throughout the globe. The minimum bid is $25 for every job. The Guru offers a safe payment method for both domestic and foreign transactions. Buyers may use SafePay to make purchases using their credit cards, e-checks, checks, PayPal, wire transfers, or money from their SafePay account. When paying freelancers with SafePay, buyers may get up to 2% of their payment back and a chance to win $100. Like Elance, they also provide a “workroom” where clients may interact with service providers and share project data.

(2004) Getafreelancer: This platform also offers hundreds of qualified freelancers who can do high-quality work quickly and affordably.It enables the free posting of projects in a variety of categories and subcategories. Buyers may define the minimum and maximum bid for featured and full-time tasks, or they can establish the budget of their project, which can range from very modest ($30-250) to huge ($3000) projects. The buyer is required to pay a commission of either $3 or 3% of the purchase price. In order to avoid monthly charges, a buyer may also upgrade to a gold account, although this comes with a monthly price that varies by category.

One of the most popular platforms for posting freelance tasks is ODesk (2004). ODesk enables customers to employ service providers with a wide variety of skill sets from all around the globe. Top worldwide talent, thorough management tools, and a flexible hourly payment scheme are all hallmarks of ODesk. Additionally, this website provides fixed-term employment opportunities, which users may keep track of via a job feed that scrolls immediately on the page.

1999’s Elance: Elance, a well-known leader in the outsourcing industry, offers a vast database of knowledgeable specialists from all over the world. Additionally, they provide a variety of categories and collaboration tools like a workroom, chat, phone, etc., to help you find specialists to work on your project. There are highly skilled Elance specialists available to get things done successfully, whether it’s a one-time unique job that has to be finished in a day or a lengthy, complicated project that will take months to complete.

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