In the sphere of animal nutrition, one company has emerged as a trailblazer, leveraging scientific research to optimise animal health and performance. This company is Camelus, a South African enterprise established in 1997 by Dr. S.C (Fanus) Cilliers. Over 27 years, Camelus has earned recognition and respect, not only for its scientifically designed animal nutrition but also for its commitment to animal well-being and longevity.

The Genesis of Camelus

Founded by Dr. S.C (Fanus) Cilliers, Camelus began as a humble premix and feed additive supplier for the ostrich industry, initially relying on a contract manufacturer. Recognizing the special needs in all animal species, Camelus extended its market reach and established its own manufacturing facility in 1998. The company’s continuous growth stems from its ability to identify and address unique nutritional requirements across various animal disciplines.

International Consultancy and Growth

Camelus’s influence extends beyond South Africa. The company has consulted various international feed companies across Europe, Brazil, Australia, Ukraine, Turkey, Scandinavia, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. The invaluable experience gained through these collaborations has helped Camelus further refine its supplements, providing a global perspective on animal nutrition.

Manufacturing Excellence

Camelus operates from its factory and offices in Oudtshoorn, Western Cape. This location serves as a hub for manufacturing dry supplements and a division for liquid emulsions. With a staggering 152 product options listed on its manufacturing system, Camelus offers a wide range of registered products and custom mixes, developed from individual consultations to contract manufacturing.

A Focus on Specialized Products

Throughout its 27-year journey, Camelus has maintained a steadfast focus on creating specialised products. The aim is not merely to supply animal nutrition but to provide a unique service that ensures the optimal health, well-being, and longevity of animals. This commitment has been a key factor in Camelus’s longevity and success.

The Man Behind Camelus: Dr. S.C (Fanus) Cilliers

At the heart of Camelus is Dr. S.C (Fanus) Cilliers, responsible for formulating, designing, consulting, and managing the company’s operations. An illustrious academic, Dr. Cilliers boasts a B.Sc. Agric. Hons Cum Laude, M.Sc. Agric Cum Laude, and a PhD in Agric Pr.Nat.Sci. His impressive list of achievements includes the Perold Medal, Elanco Award, Rumevite Award, recognition as a top Agricultural student, and the World Poultry Science Association award for best Master submission in 1990.

Dr. Cilliers has shared his expertise on the international stage as a keynote speaker at 11 international conferences on ostrich nutrition, further solidifying his place as a leader in the field of animal nutrition.

Forward with Camelus

In the years ahead, Camelus remains committed to its mission of delivering scientifically designed animal nutrition that guarantees optimum health and performance. This commitment ensures profitability in animal production and promotes the well-being and longevity of animals.

The story of Camelus serves as a testament to what can be achieved when passion, science, and a commitment to animal welfare converge. As the company continues to evolve and grow, one can expect further innovation and advancements in the field of animal nutrition.

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