Activator KMSAuto ++ for Office 2021

After a trial period of 30 days, Microsoft Office disables some functions and displays a window reminding you to activate each time you start it. The office software package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is not cheap, but do not be upset – there are several ways to activate it for free.

The first option is to enter the key. Finding a license key for free is quite difficult; activation codes published on websites and forums are no longer working.

The second option is to use the Microsoft Office 2021 KMS activator for Windows 11 as well as Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. We suggest downloading KMSAuto Net from the KMS Tools Portable set from the developer Ratiborus from our website.

The principle of its operation is simple – once a month, MS Office sends a request to Microsoft servers in order to receive confirmation of product activation on a given computer. At this moment, KMS Auto deploys an alternative server, which receives a request from the OS. As a result, Office receives a response that it is activated.

To run the program you need:

  • access to administrator rights;
  • Net Framework 4.5;
  • deactivated Windows Defender and Antivirus.

This crack will help you crack any unlicensed Office 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 different editions of Professional Plus, Professional, Standard and Home and Business.

How to activate Microsoft Office on Windows for free via KMS activator

Please note: Microsoft is interested in purchasing its products, so the pre-installed operating system defender will identify this utility as a malicious object (HackTool:Win32/AutoKMS). Other antiviruses also react. In view of this, such software must be disabled at the time of installation and operation of the program.

First of all, you need to download the KMS Tools Portable set of utilities to your computer, and then unpack the archive into a folder convenient for you. in the archive you will find a file called KMS Tools Unpack – open it and wait for the unpacking to finish. A window will appear asking you to delete the .exe file – click on “Yes”.

Now, open KMSTools.exe, it is important to do this as an administrator.

Scroll through the KMS Tools Portable menu

Click on KMSAuto Net

Next, scroll through the menu and select KMSAuto Net and wait for the program to load.

Automatic activation

KMSAuto Net meets the user on the “Main Window” tab, where you can see the main tools for working with the program.

We perform the following actions:

Checking activation of MS Office in KMSAuto Net

Click on the “Information” button, after which a choice of two buttons opens – “Windows” and “Office”, click on the second.

Let’s look at the system status bar. After the above action, it will display the product status. If the program is not activated, proceed to the next step.

Click on the large “Activation” button and select “Office” – the process of introducing the key starts. It does not require outside intervention.

In some cases, the operation of the program may be affected by a failure – a power outage, freezing, etc. If such a situation occurs, it is necessary to repeat the process starting from the first point.

Manual activation

Alas, the automatic mode does not work successfully with every computer, even if the process was carried out in strict accordance with the instructions.

In such a situation, you need to go to the “System” tab, where you can manually enter activation settings:

In the system section, click on the “Install KMS-Service” button.

In the third menu from the top you will find an item dedicated to installing the GLVK key – click on the corresponding button – “Install Office key”.

A forced installation window will open, in which you need to click on the “Continue” button.

Wait for the message about successful key activation to appear – after which you can close the program.

Next, return to the main window and click on the “Information” button again. If information about successful activation is displayed there, then the process can be considered complete.

Task Manager

Thanks to the automatic mode, a new key is entered immediately after the old one expires, that is, every twenty-five days. This means that KMSAuto Net will be able to permanently activate the MS Office package without contacting the user, and also without accessing system files.

This is the main difference between the KMS product and other offerings – they just block the license verification procedure. To enable this function, you need to wait until the message about successful activation appears, after which the utility will prompt you to make an entry in the scheduler.