Internet network marketing is much more beneficial than marketing on the internet because of the team spirit, support from the upline team, support from the company, the leverage, and the residual income. Additionally it costs much less to start up your own network marketing business. Those network marketers who become successful work as a team. Building teams all over the world can be very exciting, when it comes time to meet people in the team in their own country.

Marketing retail products on the internet is different to Internet Network Marketing in a number of ways:

1) The Leverage

Network marketers have a team of people advertising the company products and people are paid based on the whole team’s efforts, and this is leverage of your time. A network marketer can leverage his or her time even more, by using the internet. They can use Webinars, VOIP Calls, and Internet Marketing systems, to speak with prospects and to train their people, hundreds at one time if required.

In contrast, a marketer doing retail on the internet needs to work consistently on optimizing their websites and/or pay for advertising.

Internet Marketers cannot get leverage unless they are very clever in creating their own product and find affiliates to aggressively promote for them. This way of marketing is very challenging for an internet marketer.

2) The Residual Income

Residual income is that which comes every week or each month, even if you take a holiday. Those who earn six figure incomes in network marketing do the same amount of work they did when earning 4 or 5 figure incomes. As each leader is trained, that leader looks after their own teams, so the leader at the head of the group is still only looking after a similar number of people.

So, a network marketer can stop working and still receive residual income, just as an author of a book continues to receive income long after the book has been written. When a network marketer sells the company’s product online, and teaches their downline to attract customers in the same way, that network marketer gets paid commissions on all their downline’s sales also.

When internet marketers teach other internet marketers, they only get paid for the teaching, and Not on all the sales of those they have taught.

Internet marketers earn some residual income if they promote affiliate programs. A network marketer has the ability to earn a lot more income from a network marketing compensation plan than an affiliate marketer can earn. Affiliate marketers may earn a little from one or two levels below them, but a network marketing compensation plan allows network marketers to earn many different bonuses, and get paid on many different levels. Some mlm companies pay commissions on all levels, and this translates to a lot of additional income to that which affiliate marketers get from one or two levels.

3) Support from Company and Upline Team Members

With internet network marketing, the company and it’s support team are there to assist with all the operational details of the business, and even with some of the marketing. A network marketing company ships products for the network marketer, does the money transactions, and handles product returns and complaints.

In addition, most companies provide a lot of training, plus websites for marketing and some marketing tools. Network marketers only need to pay for additional advertising and marketing tools.

In contrast, internet marketers don’t usually have a company to give them support and they pay all the advertising costs, website hosting, training, merchant bank fees, and other start up costs.

4) The Team Spirit

Network Marketers work as a team, they have an upline support team and all those who join them are part of their team. Assisting others in the team to earn money is a lot of fun and making friends with people from all different countries is even more fun when you go to meet them and see their country or city. Another advantage of team work, is that Network marketers share the advertising costs throughout the team.

As a marketer on the internet, it’s rather lonely because everything is done on your own. As an Internet marketers you only get paid on what you do, and you do all the work by yourself, (unless you pay someone to assist you).

To summarise, a network marketer has many advantages, especially on the internet. Network marketers have more residual income because they are paid on the whole team’s efforts, there is support from upline and the company. In addition, they have more leverage and they get the benefits of being part of an Internet Network Marketing team.