Discount promotional products are items that have been used throughout history as an excellent marketing strategy for businesses and companies worldwide. The principle behind this ingenious strategy is really fairly simple: take a product, print your logo on it, and hand it out free to would be customers.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “If they’re handed free, then why are they called discount promotional products?” Well, discount promotional products are named as such because you get them “at a discount”. There are thousands of promotional items you can choose from, and they’re all made to be sold cheap. You can also buy them in bulk so that you can get even bigger discounts.


It’s true that the use of these products isn’t the only advertising strategy being used in the market. However, research has proven that this form of promotion is one of the most common advertising strategies used by companies today.

There are many reasons as to why the use of these items is widely employed but a good reason is the fact that it has many advantages. The first advantage was already mentioned earlier; discount promotional items are cheap. TV advertising can set you back roughly $500,000 for a 30 second commercial that airs nationally. Whereas for the same price, you can have 250,000 customized key chains delivered to your front door.

The next advantage of this type of advertising is variety. To date, there are hundreds of thousands of items that you can choose from. Some of them can be everyday items such as coffee mugs, or unique items such as digital wine testers. And every day, more and more bizarre and interesting items are being added to the list.

Another advantage is the fact that it’s virtually worry-free. All you really have to do is choose an item and have your logo printed on it, and that’s that! You don’t have to think about shooting or recording commercials. Just sit back and wait for your products to arrive.

They also last longer. Paper flyers can be destroyed by a simple drizzle and are easily thrown away. TV and radio commercials may air at only a certain period. And once they stop being played, they are easily forgotten. But promotional items are kept by consumers and used almost every day. Hence they have a better chance of being remembered.

One more advantage of these products is that they appeal to consumers. Which person wouldn’t like to get something from nothing? Since these items are free, consumers appreciate them more and tend to remember the gesture.

Last and perhaps the most important advantage of using discount promotional items is the fact that you can use them to reinforce the service you are ready to provide. A bookstore giving out free promotional ballpoint pens may be redundant, but it’s effective nonetheless. Plus, the gesture itself promotes customer loyalty, because you provide them incentives for buying your products or employing your services.

In the end, promoting your product doesn’t have to be a bother. With discount promotional items, you can have cheap and effective advertising without the fuss.