If you’re old enough to remember the days when the only way to buy things was to go to a shop then you’ll probably also remember that the only way most people could hope to get a discount was to buy a large ticket item and pay cash for it.

Those days are gone and with the arrival of the discount card it’s now possible to get a discount on practically anything. From something as mundane as a plate of chips to the latest in high tech wizardry there’s bound to be a discount available somewhere if you look hard enough.

Whilst on the face of it this is good news for the consumer why are companies in such a rush to give up some of their margin and who really benefits.

It is probably fair to say that the first beneficiary is normally the consumer. However each scheme differs and individuals who are tempted to sign up should give careful consideration to what they are required to do in order to take part.

Some clubs for instance charge a fee to join – A restaurant/entertainment card may be a great investment if you eat out and socialise a lot but if you only dine out occasionally and you prefer home comforts to the big screen or theatre you may find the discounts you receive are outweighed by the costs of the card.

It’s also important to examine the terms and conditions carefully before parting with your money. Is the choice of outlet wide enough to satisfy your needs? Are there any restrictions on what days or time of day you can use your card and how do these align with your own schedule.

Other cards may be free but even with these give some thought to the ramifications of joining. Are you required to provide personal data and if so what will that data be used for and who will it be shared with?

That said if the card scheme is operated by a reputable business and you are likely to purchase the goods and services on offer anyway a discount card can save you a lot of money.

Some cards are targeted at particular groups such as golfers, students, couples planning a wedding etc and these can be particularly useful. If you consider for instance all the items and services purchased for a typical wedding – Gown, Shoes, Headress or Tiara, Suits, Cake, Cars, Rings, Photographs, DVD, Stationery, Venue, Music, Chair covers, Bridesmaid Dresses, Best man Gifts, Bridesmaids Gifts etc – A average saving of £50 on each item quickly adds up to £800 plus.

Whilst the consumer may be the first beneficiary the old adage that ‘no-one does anything for nothing’ still rings true and companies taking part in a discount club will also expect the benefits of membership to outweigh the costs.

The retail and marketing environment has changed beyond recognition over the last thirty years or so. New routes to market have opened up, digital television has created a multitude of home shopping channels and the explosion in online retailing has been massive.

In order to make an impact in this rapidly changing environment businesses are seeking to create and maintain a personal relationship with their customers and the discount card is seen as one way to do this. Costs of participation are low compared to traditional advertising methods and if the demographic profile of the card holder is a good match to the products or services offered by the business then a mutually beneficial relationship can be established.

Thus with a properly structured, well managed discount club the answer to the question of who benefits is simple ‘Everybody’.

The author operates a Discount Club in the North East Of England that aims to connect suppliers with engaged couples planning their wedding.

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