You should consider health coaching if you can affirmatively respond to at least four of the following questions:

(1) Is it appropriate to take action to advance your health right now?
(2) Is your way of life unbalanced and unhealthy?
(3) Are you weary of feeling worn out, stressed out, or underproductive?
(4) Are you prepared to alter your lifestyle in a way that will have a long-term, good impact—for example, by reducing stress or losing weight—or lowering your cholesterol or blood pressure?
(5) Are you prepared to openly share your main health concerns?
(6) Do you want to make your life more enjoyable, engaging, and meaningful in order to achieve better overall satisfaction?
(7) Has your health declined despite trying various conventional therapy options?

Competitive sports teach us that when people receive help and direction from an experienced coach, they learn best and perform at their best. Why therefore should we go it alone and consider our health—something we value and that is really essential to us—to be any less significant? You should choose Health & Wellness Coaching, a cutting-edge alternative to conventional healthcare programmes, because you can get a lot done quickly when you’re focused and know what to do.

The process of receiving health coaching involves numerous steps:

(1) Initial interview and assessment (which includes a coaching readiness and starting point/goals assessment); (2) Identification and clarification of beliefs and values; (3) Development of an individual action plan; (4) Measuring Progress Towards Goals; (5) Adjusting Strategies As Needed; and (6) Continuous Reassessment of Progress.

Candidates for health coaching include people with a range of chronic health conditions, such as arthritis, asthma, back pain, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and obesity (to name a few), as well as people who want to cope with the demands of attention-deficit disorder and find relief from daily stress, anger, and anxiety.

A driven and successful health coach understands from both personal and professional experience that success requires knowing where you’re going and how you’re going to get there, or in other words, plan and structure. It doesn’t matter which path you travel if you don’t know where you want to end up, according to the Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carol. Additionally, your coach ought to be knowledgeable about the health coaching studies. According to researchers from Yale University, “coaching is a highly effective and superior strategy in reducing total cholesterol and other coronary risk factors, such as blood pressure, compared to patients who were prescribed medication but not coached.” Coaching can help you better manage the progression of your disease if you have a chronic health condition and your doctor has advised you to make lifestyle changes. Your coach can assist you in understanding your current lifestyle choices and how they affect your disease, identifying things you can and are willing to change, and assisting in the creation of a meaningful action plan that ensures success, all within the confines set by your doctor and working as part of a team approach. Helping you start and sustain new, healthy behaviours that will enhance your quality of life is the aim.

Your coach will work with you to comprehend the ideas, perceptions, and situations that cause you stress in order to reduce tension, anger, and anxiety. In order to understand how you react to stressful situations in your life and to start figuring out how to manage your stress, he will urge you to develop self-observation and self-awareness. This will provide you the ability to choose from a number of stress management methods and approaches, put them into practise, and figure out how to work them into your daily routine. In order to assist you reach the “less-stress” balance you desire in your life, you will receive support when you need it, motivation when you need it, and encouragement and challenges throughout this process.

Overall, health and wellness coaching helps you go forward in life, increase your options, and realise your potential by using a dynamic plan of action that targets both old and new problems with fresh, necessary solutions. The famous quote from Albert Einstein goes, “You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it in the first place.” Because coaching is primarily conducted over the phone and via email, depending on your requirements and preferences, with the flexibility to fit your schedule, it is incredibly handy and reasonably priced.

Are you therefore tired of feeling exhausted? Is it time to take action to enhance your general health and wellbeing, especially if you suffer from diabetes, arthritic conditions, or chronic pain? What are you waiting for, then? THE RIGHT FOR YOU IS HEALTH COACHING!

Dr. Fields is dedicated to practising moderation in his personal health practises and, while having far from perfect health, he constantly strives to improve himself by engaging in his favourite activities, such as hiking, camping, coaching his two sons’ baseball teams, and spending time with his loved ones. His University of California, Los Angeles doctorate in counselling psychology is something he already possesses.

He combines over 40 years of experience personally coping with the challenges of living as an insulin-dependent diabetic with over five years of experience providing one-on-one, private, personalised Health and Wellness Coaching. He also combines over 14 years of professional experience as a licenced psychologist who specialises in the psychotherapeutic treatment (cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic oriented) of diabetic individuals and seniors in healthcare settings. He has also conducted research into the health beliefs connected to a high level of well-being, organised a weekly motivational support group for diabetics at Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Centre, and more. For more details