Imagination: Internet business is competitive and to be in the race, your blog should be creative and imaginative. There are so many advertising methods available and you should be able to use each one of them.

You might have an excellent blog or a killer product; however, if no one knows about it, no matter how great your product or service is, you will not be able to earn even a single pie out of it. In the end, you may have to put shutter for your business.

You might be aware of several ways that would boost traffic as well as profit to your e-Commerce blog. However, one of the best methods is Viral Marketing. This will give you an extra footage over the rest.

Why is it called viral marketing? Does it means a virus commonly used in computer terms? Nah…the word about your product or service spreads like a virus and that is why the name viral marketing. Gone are those days when people had to bear with pop-up ads. Now, there are so many ways to block pop-ups and your product may not be seen by others. Go for viral marketing and you would be dumbfounded by the results.

An overview of viral marketing:

Viral marketing, also termed as viral advertising is an upcoming and a useful marketing technique commonly used by people in business to spread a word about their product or service. The ads can be in the form of letters, photographs or videos or anything that would interest the viewers and make them hooked to your blog. It should be in a way that persons who see this ad should be pleased to pass this information to some of his friends or relatives.

To be precise, viral marketing works on the concept that people would pass on a particular content if they like it very much. Even a flash game or amusing story or any other funny videos can be the media through which you promote your product. It need not necessarily be a newsletter or an ad. The basic idea is it should amuse the readers and make them pass it to others.

Why viral marketing is considered to be one of the most popular advertising methods? It is because of the low cost that it involves. Viral marketing is not spam. Your message won’t go to the spam filter as it would be passed on by someone who the other person is well aware of. Therefore, they will definitely open the media and see what it is.

Discounts as well as rebates are also offered for spreading the word through viral marketing. Incentive is based on how many recipients receive the ad from one person.

How to use viral marketing:

One of the easiest ways by which you make public aware of your product or service is viral marketing. It is one of the low cost methods of advertising. In general, only potential customers will visit your blog if you use viral marketing. This means, visitors visiting your blog is directly proportional to potential customers. All you require for viral marketing is imagination combined with originality. You may also introduce incentives or other offers.

Almost all businesses are now aware of the importance of viral marketing and are trying to implement it in their business. Viral marketing coupled with other marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Page Rank, etc. will make your blog stay ahead in the race.

Viral marketing tricks people to look at the ad and make them aware about your product or service. All you require for viral marketing is some innovation. Create a mind boggling game or a funny video. Amuse people to send or pass it on to others. Your hob is over there. It can even be a gossip.

Irrespective of the size of the company, viral marketing can be used. Do you know one of the biggest giants who used viral marketing? Yes…it is Microsoft’s Hotmail. It was they who first introduced viral marketing.

Start your viral marketing campaign right away and see big sales figures.