In Ann Sieg’s latest report, The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto, she freely admits that attraction marketers are taking advantage of the hard work of millions of traditional, non-Internet MLMer’s. They are basically scooping up leads by the thousands…leads that were generated by hard working, old school network marketers.

Before I get into the dirty tactics these “attraction marketers” are using, perhaps it would be useful to define what an attraction marketer is as it seems to be a very popular catch phrase flying around the Internet these days.

The Definition Of Attraction Marketers In MLM

The term attraction marketer is fairly self explanatory. These are people that are using marketing tactics (typically on the Internet) to attract prospects to them instead of having to approach people about their business opportunity. Most mlm companies will teach new distributors to make a list and then approach those people one by one.

Many attraction marketers lead with a free offer such as a video series or an ebook. They typically will try to sell an inexpensive training course on how to build a network marketing business. Usually by the time a prospect has made a purchase of one of these training products, they have developed some sort of a relationship with the attraction marker and have typically come to trust them as a credible source of information on building a home-based business.

This is sometimes referred to as a funded proposal, meaning that the commission on selling the training material will typically cover any advertising costs that they incur. This means that they are able to propose their business opportunity and at the same time get funded to do it. You may also hear this “front-end” sale being referred to as a self liquidating offer, basically it means the same thing as a funded proposal.

So these attraction marketers are using useful information to attract these prospects into their sales funnel and eventually into their network marketing organization. Fundamentally this is quite an excellent thing to do but it puts those network marketers who are not using the Internet to market their business at a severe disadvantage.

How Attraction Marketers Are Scooping Up 100’s Of Leads Right From Under The Nose Of Traditional Network Marketers

Here’s the problem: A recent Jupiter research report found that more than 25% of people they studied have cut back on watching TV…so they can spend more time on the Internet!

A couple of years ago, when Americans had a buying decision to make, 70% of them used the Internet to research their different options. The number has dramatically increased since then.

This is a fact that attraction marketers in the network marketing industry are taking advantage of and with devastating results. In the good old days when you showed someone a business opportunity, basically the only information they had was what you gave them; a brochure, a CD, or perhaps a one on one presentation.

In this information age, when someone gets told about a business opportunity, where is the first place they go to? Yup, you guessed it…Google! So the old school network marketers have done the hard yards by getting a prospect to the point of being interested enough to do the research, but what happens after that is totally out of their control.

Let’s say the prospect was introduced to the company Amway, the first thing they will do is go to Google and type in, “building a Amway business” or “Amway success stories” or “Amway business scam” and right there will be these attraction marketers telling them just what they want to hear. They may see an ad that says, “How I Built My Amway Business In Under 1 Year”. Your prospect is thinking to themselves,

now that’s what I’m talking about
and so will click on the ad and before they know it, they are on that person’s mailing list.

Over the coming weeks they will get all sorts of information and at some point may buy that person’s eBook on how to build a network marketing business without chasing friends or family and from this point on, it’s basically game over for the old school network marketer that actually got the lead warmed up in the first place.

Once the prospect makes a purchase of an informational product they will typically be followed up with a telephone call by the person that sold it to them and before they know it, they’re thinking,

I’ve got to work with this guy or gal, they definitely know what they are doing and anyway, I sure didn’t like the idea of approaching all my friends and family to build my business. This is perfect, I can build a business without having to do that!
There are even some attraction marketers that use controversial messages to hook a prospect into their sales funnel and as there is no rules against this, as they say..that’s life. If you visit a mlm forum you won’t have any trouble finding a thread were people are complaining about how bad these attraction marketers are, talking about the fact that they are “pinching THEIR prospects”.

In the real world crying that it’s just not fair won’t get you far, and I can almost guarantee that unless you are using informational marketing to attract new prospects to your business, you probably won’t have a much of a business in the years to come.

What’s The Answer?