What is a digital marketing agency ?

Anyone now entering this digital world to promote their business can get lost in the midst of so many concepts and functions, such as content marketing, paid traffic, SEO and more.

In this way, hiring a digital marketing agency to handle this can be one of the best solutions for a business, after all, it offers a complete service that covers all these segments.

Do you want to better understand your services and how to choose the best ones for your company? Read this article to the end!

What is a digital marketing agency?

The digital marketing agency  is responsible for coordinating the marketing strategies used by a company to attract, retain and retain customers on the internet.

As it is an outsourced service, the agency has no links or exclusivity with a single brand, being able to serve several companies at the same time.

In addition, here are some of the services offered by a digital marketing agency:

  • Social network management;
  • Website and application development;
  • SEO techniques  ;
  • Digital content production – posts, articles, e-books, infographics…;
  • Strategic planning of marketing actions;
  • Ads in  Google Ads  and Facebook Ads;
  • Cloud services.

Why should I hire a digital marketing agency?

According to research by Thinkwithgoogle,  63% of shopping experiences start in the digital world  .

In other words, without an online presence, your company tends to lose customers to other brands that have been able to invest in the digital world – it’s like fishing without bait with someone with a bucket full of worms.

However, it is not enough to create a website or an Instagram profile and wait for the results to appear magically.

In order to attract the right audience, it is also necessary to implement effective  digital marketing strategies  .

The best way to achieve this is to hire a marketing agency, which, in addition to the results, also offers the following benefits:

Assistance from specialized professionals

During the implementation of marketing strategies, it is common for the company to choose to hire a single professional, who is responsible for executing all strategies.

Even if this employee offers a quality service, he cannot offer a service as complete as that of a digital marketing agency, composed of professionals specialized in each field – content production, SEO,  local SEO  ,  copywriting ,  etc.

Thus, each member of the team will be fully dedicated to a single task, having more time, attention and quality in fulfilling his duties.

Strategic use of the budget

With an  inefficient digital marketing strategy  , your company can lose a lot of money by investing in tactics that do not generate results.

However, the professionals of a digital marketing agency are able to manage and apply the budget in a strategic way, thanks to their knowledge and market experience.

Therefore, as much as a higher initial investment is required, hiring this specialized service helps to reduce costs in the long run, increasing the results.

Access to smart resources and tools

In the world of digital marketing, there are many tools used by professionals in the field. E.g:

  • Automation software;
  • e-mail trigger;
  • CRM system  ;
  •  Paid Keyword Manager  ;
  • SEO tools  .

In addition to being super efficient, these resources help make decisions when creating a strategy and facilitate the routine of the marketing sector.

However, because most of these tools are paid (and expensive), small businesses or startups cannot take full advantage of them.

And, when you hire an agency, you have access to all these features, benefits and results offered.

Brand aligned with market trends

In the digital world, change is happening very fast. After all, without the communication barriers created by borders, information is transmitted instantly.

Thus, if your company is not up to date with new trends, it will lag behind.

As digital marketing agencies are 100% introduced to the online world, the company that has this partnership will always be attentive to market news.

In addition, with the experience and knowledge of marketing professionals, your business will know how to make the best use of each trend, avoiding being “cringe” or even “flop”.

When to hire a digital marketing agency?

Does your company want to reach more people and increase sales? So, this is the perfect time to hire a digital marketing agency.

As mentioned earlier, with this service your business will have access to a strategic marketing plan, able to increase the conversion rate of potential customers   .

Another suitable scenario for hiring an agency is when you want to start a digital presence – even ensuring consistent results from the beginning, establishing the business on the market as soon as possible.

In addition, this service is also recommended for companies that already apply internal digital marketing strategies, but do not generate the expected results.

In other words, it’s time to say goodbye to “do it all” and greet a specialized and complete team!

See below for other times when your company should hire an agency:

  • You want to get better results in a short time;
  • The digital presence of the business is weak, with a low commitment;
  • Your company does not know – or can define – the ideal customer;
  • The marketing sector has limited access to the main resources of the area;
  • There are difficulties in analyzing and managing the values ​​of each outcome.

How to hire a digital marketing agency?

With a quick Google search , you’ll find more digital marketing agencies.

However, before doing this research, it is important that your company clearly defines the goals it wants to achieve with these digital strategies.

In addition to filtering the search, this information will be important during another stage of employment: contacting the agency.

Finally, once the goals are set, it will be time to go back to Google and separate the agencies that have the most consistent results (check your success stories) and give you the solutions you are looking for.

Have you made a list of the best digital marketing agencies? Contact them and explain the needs and objectives of your business.

Finally, compare the proposals, choosing the one that offers the necessary services for your goal to be achieved.

What to expect from a digital marketing agency?

Discover below the main results generated by the best digital marketing agencies in Romania and use this information as a basis for your research!

Strategic knowledge of the market

Knowing the market and the competition, you will have a basis for understanding each of the stages that the company faces, in addition to knowing the strategies capable (or not) of generating results.

The digital marketing agency conducts this study in a strategic way, making frequent updates – so that your company is not left out of the main trends.

Production of relevant content

Content marketing  is one of the main strategies used in the digital world, in various formats and social media, with the aim of attracting potential customers.

But… is not enough just to produce. You need to create interesting content for the person who speaks the same language and persuade them to continue on your site until they reach the final stages of the  consumer journey  .

One of the services offered by agencies is precisely the creation of content by professionals specialized in all strategies in this segment, such as SEO.

Effective management of social networks

In addition to content production, social networks also need efficient management to generate results.

Therefore, many digital marketing agencies have trained professionals to manage these social networks – the famous social networks.

Increasing the conversion rate

With the help of specialized professionals, efficient resources and strategies, agencies generate a higher conversion rate for their clients, which is directly reflected in the positive revenue of the business.

Results management

Values ​​are essential to analyze which strategies actually generate results.

However, not everyone can understand and measure this information, continuing to insist on inefficient solutions.

So, the last advantage of hiring a marketing agency is that this team will be able to understand and use all the data – improving the end result and optimizing the use of the budget.

What is the best digital marketing agency?

The best digital marketing agencies in Brazil will be the ones that suit your business, ie that have strategies aligned with your vision.

After all, hired professionals need to be able to visualize and express your brand values ​​in front of the public, helping you connect with your ideal customer.

Another decisive factor is the quality of the services offered by the agency, which can be attested in successful cases – which demonstrates whether the strategies used by the agency have already helped other companies to achieve high-performance results.

There are other tips that can make your choice easier, see them below:

How to choose an agency

The best thing is to look for larger agencies with more experience in the market, which, despite serving a less specific audience, know how to guide the strategies for each market.

And you can find all this information by contacting the agencies and organizing meetings!

Talk to these professionals, listen to their proposals and then analyze the ones that fit both the financial reality of your company and the ones that match your values.

And of course: compare the portfolio of each agency, paying special attention to the results generated by their strategies.

Build a strong and solid partnership so that your business can take full advantage of having a digital marketing agency by your side.

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