UX vs. UI: How they help together in Web design             

If you want to learn web design and web developments, you should know UX and UI. This two-term is always used together, but both terms are different. When it comes to UX developers of an eCommerce website development company, then they deal with the technical aspects of a website. Simultaneously, when it comes to UI designers, they handle all the graphic design parts. Well, the role of the UI designer is tougher than a UX designer. But when it comes to web development, then you need to learn both the topic.

How UI & UX work together?

Website is one type of business portfolio that improves your company values and visibility. To build a website from Web development company West Bengal, it is necessary to learn the basics of UI and UX design. To learn some basic things, let’s read the below points:

  1. UX stands for a user experience that plays an important role in web designing. It offers logic to understand the user’s interaction with certain factors. It includes a few factors that include design, impression, navigation, and all. It helps to create a design by Purpleno the Best Web design company Kolkata that attracts users so that the business can achieve higher revenues. It focuses mostly on the product type, service, and system. This is the blueprint that helps developers to build millions of websites.
  2. UI stands for a user interface that offers a set of commands to help users to communicate with the program. It helps people to visit and determine the things they want to perform. This is just like painting your wall after you build the home.

Difference between UI & UX:

  1. UX design is all about the feel of the experience, UI design is all about how the product’s interfaces look and working function.
  2. UX can apply to any kind of product, services; UI is specific to digital products and experiences
  3. The UX designer maps out of the user journey; the UI designer fills it in with various elements.



Both UI and UX are helpful to build a website by the web designing company Kolkata. Both are necessary to implement a website. Two terms that are often used in web designing interchangeably, but actually mean 2 different part. But without UX even the most beautifully designed UI will cause bad user experience. These are the complementary aspects of web design.