According to Ann Sieg the traditional network marketing upline elite are full of lies. Up until recently the MLM business was a tough industry to get involved with. By reading this article you will learn why Ann Siegs e-book rocked the old school network marketing elite and created an awareness for thousands of active network marketers who are searching for a better way of doing business.

Ann Sieg rapidly branded herself as an internet network marketing big name guru after she introduced her extremely controversial e-book in 2007. I use the word controversial loosely because her book really ticked off the traditional network marketing upline elite causing a bit of an uproar in the MLM industry. Her e-book specifically addresses slogans and methods used for prospecting such as: circle of influence, pull tabs, and flyers to name a few. Ann knew after years of following her uplines direction that there has to be a better way. Well, guess what! She figured it out and after testing her concept she had prospects coming to her asking for more information and even wanting to join her in business. Ann became so excited about her system that she wanted to tell the world. She could have left it all to herself but nooooo Ann had to write an e-book that some traditional network marketing upline elite claim “lamb basted” them and they took it rather personally. What caused them to get so angry? Could it be this excerpt:

I’d like to share with you what I discovered:

Almost Everything You’ve Ever Been
Taught About Building A Network
Marketing Business Is Pure BS!

And here’s why: In this industry we have a genuine case of the blind leading the blind. Network marketing is very unique in that it’s the only business opportunity that’s ever been marketed to the general public on such a massive scale. Your average, every-day American is told that they can jump right into this, with no prior experience what-so-ever and make a killing within 6 months! For example, on the website of one well known nutritional company, would-be distributors are told that “You don’t have to be a pro to succeed!”

Or possibly this one from Lie#1 Everyone Is Your Prospect

Prospecting Red Lobster waitresses…employees at Marshall Field’s…gas station clerks…total strangers at malls…the postman…kiosk stands…the girl at Caribou…leaving flyers on car windshields……These kind of antics have damaged this industry’s reputation almost beyond repair. They’ve absolutely destroyed any image of professionalism and made it harder for everyone to sponsor people. These “street hustler” methods of recruiting have single-handedly placed network marketing on the same level as some low-life schmuck peddling fake Rolexes in the minds of most people. It’s absolute lunacy. Don’t buy into this fallacy. This isn’t evangelism for cryin’ out loud! Not everyone is your prospect.

One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned in marketing is this:

People Who Try To Be Everything To Everybody, Wind Up Meaning Nothing Special To Anyone.

Comments like these could be cause for rage. Did I say her book was controversial? The MLM traditional network marketing upline elite possibly were most angry about her comments but they were also sweating it out because they knew members of their downline would be reading this book at one point or another. From a business perspective and knowing what I now know I’d be happy about that. Ann isn’t trying to steal their downline. She’s providing them with free information and the tools to become more productive MLMers and that would be advantageous to the residual income of the traditional network marketing upline elite. After the dust settled and the tempers receded the smart elite took on the old adage if you can’t beat em join em and they bought into this concept.

In 2007 when Ann’s book went public she was on the cutting edge of what is today known as attraction marketing. Any experienced multi level marketer with a network knows the odds are against their new recruits. They know that 90% of their distributors will quit within the first 3 months. 95% will drop out of their opportunity within the first 12 months and 80% will never experience sponsoring anyone. Those are terrible odds. Would you join a network marketing opportunity knowing these odds? Her e-book has put a dent in those odds and the network marketing industry is the beneficiary of Ann Sieg’s bravery.

By reading her free e-book you will learn some highly-controversial truths and , of course, lies; hence the name. You’ll discover some incredible principles that will save you an enormous amount of time, money and headaches in your business. In addition if you apply the valuable marketing principles contained in this book your efforts will be produce awesome results.