It’s so exciting when I wake up every morning with an Inbox of 2 or 3 leads – real people – wanting to learn more about the way I do business. Just think how many arms I would need to twist in person to find three people every single day who actually wanted to learn more about what I do in network marketing.

But I am ahead of the trend in network marketing sponsoring because I am paying attention to the trimmers of change in the industry. Are you? Luckily, trimmers always come before an earthquake – warning signs. The network marketing industry has tiny trimmers of change going on right now. I’m sure you feel them, right? But are you doing anything about it?

Maybe you are working toward what I call “pre-millionaire readiness.” But if not, read all about it in Part One of this series but be careful. There are some Do’s and Don’ts as you prepare for the change that’s coming. To be a millionaire in our industry in the very near future will mean:

The end of what you were once doing to recruit into your business, and
The beginning of what you must do NOW to survive and thrive after the BIG change.
Network Marketing Sponsoring: The New Do’s And Don’ts
Remember in Part One I described the secret to network marketing sponsoring is to get out in front of the trend by hanging out with trend setters. Hang out with them. Do what they do and don’t do what they would never do.

DO: Do get involved in Affiliate Marketing

Do get involved in affiliate marketing. One of the best ways to hang out with the trend setters is to become an affiliate of theirs. All the trend setters in network marketing sponsoring are affiliate marketers. Join them, the ones who teach Internet network marketing. Here are my very favorites, just to name a few:

Ann Sieg and The Renegade Network Marketer System
Mike Dillard and the Magnetic Sponsoring System
Mike Klingler and the Marketing Merge Network
These trend setters constantly test and improve their ready-made affiliate capture pages. When you become an affiliate, they teach you how to market these fill-out-the-form-type pages. You will get at least a 10% opt-in rate. Real people will sign up under you by filling out these capture pages. And that my friends, is one of the best ways to prepare for the BIG change.
DON’T: Don’t Mention Your Network Marketing Company Or Products Until Asked

The capture pages that Klingler, Sieg and Dillard use are generic internet network marketing capture pages. So when you contact these leads, don’t promote and market your company’s products or business opportunity. They didn’t opt-in for that. The reason they filled out the form is because the trend setters were offering a new way to sponsor people into your business. But the new way does not include marketing your MLM upfront. That happens later when they ask.

DO: Do Mention Your Willingness To Help And Do It For Free

Do offer valuable assistance for free when contacting these leads. They have come to you through generic lead generation systems. Yes, you will eventually make an offer, but not at first. This is totally different than when you used to meet potential prospects in the grocery store or at the mall. When these prospects opted in to your capture pages, it gives you permission to call them and email them but not to spam them. Just simply email and/or call saying “Welcome to Marketing Merge, (or Magnetic Sponsoring, etc.) Here’s how the program has helped me…(be brief about you. It’s about them.) Here’s my contact information…” The first networking you do with these contacts is just a welcome and an offer to assist.

DON’T: Don’t Be Guilty Of Spam

Never, never be pushy about your products or company. It’s not okay any more to go on and on about your business opportunity online or off though you will see it all the time. But you will never see it hanging out with the trend setters. They simply do not allow it. The un-invited hard-sell is now considered a form of spam. It’s not okay and it will not recruit anyone. Each and every time you are writing online or emailing something, don’t be guilty of spam.

DO: Do Become A Better Networker

The secret to network marketing sponsoring is to network with the trend setters, remember? It has never been easier than it is now to hang out with the trend setters and learn from them. There are many communities online where these trend setters hang out. Here are just a few of them:

Marketing Merge, Mike Klingler’s network
Better Networker, Mike Dillard’s network
Power Social Media, Charles Heflin’s network
DON’T: Don’t Just Sit On The Sidelines
After getting a little familiar with the online culture where these trend setters live and work, you must not sit on the sidelines. You can’t just soak up new network marketing sponsoring secrets, waiting to understand them all before you take action. That will take way too long. Don’t be afraid to call your leads that are generated by affiliate marketing. Don’t be afraid to respond in forums inside network marketing communities. I should say, don’t let fear stop you. It’s a little scary to put yourself out there on the world wide web.