Internet marketing is a vast concept. There are several internet marketing techniques that contribute towards the overall growth and development of the products or services Online. Some of the internet marketing methods popular used are, search engine marketing, display advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing, content contribution and article marketing, viral marketing and many more. These various marketing techniques are collectively utilized to carry out the marketing strategy of an Online business.

The Concept of internet marketing is as old as the internet itself. When a new website is launched it requires publicity so that people from different parts of the globe can learn about its existence and can visit the website. Promotion of any kind is marketing and no promotion is enough. The more you promote a website, the more aggressive is its outcome. The motive behind having a website is to make money out of it. And every time a visitor clicks on your advertisements the prospect of your business increases. Hence. Click generation becomes the target of marketing which in return shall prove beneficial to businesses.

Internet marketing is not an easy task, there are thousands of websites in the World Wide Web but, only a selected few of them are successfully marketed and are doing good business. The success of Online business lies in the strategies, tricks and techniques of internet marketing. This results in the 80/20 ratio, which states that only 20% of the people are actually ruling over 80% of the Online wealth.

The technique which the above mentioned 20% of the niche market follow are similar to what the rest of the clan follows, they do not have any privileged or separated technique of working. Then why is it that the internet marketing techniques that are discussed everywhere in the internet do not work for us most of the time, and is successful for the so called ‘expert marketers’ i.e. the 20% marketers we are talking about.

The trick behind their success is as simple as a dice game. Two players play with the same dice in turns. One is able to hit a six whereas the other is just not clicking on it. The trick is the same shake the dice and throw, but the hitter, is probably changing his angles and thats why he is succeeding whereas the other is not. It is similar in the game of internet marketing too. It might be that the so called ‘experts’ are actually doing the same trick but in a different way which is ‘clicking’.