There are five great fallacies about network marketing that has been perpetrated by the Direct Selling Industry since its inception. These fallacies have engendered great frustration and disillusion amongst the great army of network marketers, the vast majority (95%) of them having failed or will fail at their endeavors if the status quo continues. These five fallacies will now be elaborated on:-

Fallacy #1 – Your warm market is your best prospective market. After this is exhausted go to your cold market.

If my warm market was my best prospective market, why was it that in my many network marketing businesses, there were no warm market members? I had done all that was asked to do with the warm market prospects – making warm lists, sending out DVDs and CDs, emails, invitations to product parties, invitations to presentations. All these were engaged in without success. The warm market were one’s family, friends and acquaintances and all my overtures to them ran the risk many times of adversely affecting these relationships. I suspect that this is the experience of many other network marketers.

Having unsuccessfully exhausted my warm market, there was now very little enthusiasm to engage the cold market. The strategy toward the cold market was now to comprise buying leads, using Google and Yahoo pay per click, using auto responders to email, distributing DVDs, CDs, brochures, workshop presentations, to all and sundry in a sort of massive deluge of advertising to the populace in the hope that some small percentage will be attracted and recruited.

Neither of these methods bore any significant success and I suspect that many other enthusiastic network marketers have had a similar experience.

Fallacy # 2 – You just have to share information on the product or service and your business will grow. Anyone can do this.

Yes anyone can do this but at very great expense and much disappointment and frustration. The amount of DVDs, Cds and brochures that were brought and distributed without positive feedback is still alarming to me when I think about the effort put out in the past. Many appointments were made and confirmed and when I showed up, the prospect had either forgotten or was not around, or if present had not taken my time and effort seriously. Prospects were invited to view DVDs, listen to CDs, look at brochures, webinars etc., but were either too busy or simply not interested many of the times. What seemed to me to be an excellent business opportunity was at best an opportunity whose possibilities were overrated and at worse a pyramid scam. I am sure many can attest to these experiences.

Fallacy # 3 – My Upline and my Company will be instrumental in building my business.

The only thing that my upline did not do to urge me on is to ‘crack the whip on my back’. There was never a shortage of advice and inspiration about overcoming any real or perceived obstacles on my path towards signing up on persons in my warm market, about the infallible approach recommended to persons in my cold market. At the end of the day, I soon avoided contact with all my upline, I deleted and unsubscribed from their emails and although never lost love for the product and its business potential, I decide to explore other methods of marketing which brought me greater success and I will mention below.

My company gave me a fantastic website upon recruitment and they really have done an excellent job upgrading it from time to time and making it attractive and inspiring to new recruits. Their information systems were great but their marketing training led us down the road of expense and from a high of being a network marketer to the frustration and failure of low numbers of recruits.

Fallacy # 4 – Our product is so great it sells itself.

The only persons who were convinced that the product or service is great and that it sells itself is the company and network marketer. If the marketing system is inadequate, no matter how great the product is, the business will fail. If products sold themselves, than every product on the grocery shelf would sell itself without the need for appropriate marketing.

There are many excellent products that have not seen their commercial potential realized because of poor marketing. A network marketer who does not arm himself and employ appropriate marketing methods is wasting his time, no matter how great the product is.

Consider any approach made to you by another network marketer on the virtues of their product or service. Were they successful at converting you? I think not. The old marketing methods have to be rethought if one is to attain success.

Fallacy # 5 – Our system is proven and has worked effectively for our network marketers. If it isn’t working for you, you are not following the system.

If ever there was a statement that was fallacious it is this one. If companies would only have an objective view of the statistics, it would show that their marketing approaches have failed and success was only really at about five percent. As indicated earlier, I had followed all the recommended marketing methodologies without much success. I knew that I was giving it my all and could not understand what my upline and company was saying. There were many embarrassments that I had to endure until I had came across a system on the internet which changed my whole outlook on what a successful marketing campaign can be. I have used this system over the past two years and have successfully recruited 1137 persons in my NM businesses compared to 143 persons in the previous eight years using traditional marketing methods.