All roads lead to Vancouver, British Columbia on March 26 to 29, 2009 as Online Marketing Companies, represented by their key marketing personnel and Internet Enthusiasts will rub elbows with Internet Marketing Gurus and Coaches for the first time, in this dynamic city, which also hosts the Winter Olympic Games in 2010.

The Canada Marketing Summit is the biggest gathering of brilliant minds in internet business. Also in attendance during this 4-day marketing event would be men and women who made millions – not by working hard, but by working smart – through other people.

This same principle is being “championed” by one of the marketing summit’s 16 speakers and concurrently one of its hosts, Jeff Mills.

Jeff started his own serious career in online business by attending a marketing conference in 2004. Prior to that, he was a typical internet newbie who was bitten by the bug in 1999 and consequently launched his full-time internet career in 2003 – with no significant success.

As a Youth Pastor embarking on a totally unfamiliar territory, Jeff’s earlier attempt at success in online business was an uphill climb. Today, with annual earnings hitting 7-figures, Jeff has his mentor in the 2004 Marketing Conference to thank for. Buoyed up by his personal experience, Jeff Mills is now well on his way to sharing his knowledge and expertise among those other Jeffs in the crowd who will attend the Canada Marketing Summit in March.

Learn from the Masters

Jeff says, “It was because I went to a marketing conference in March of 2004 and everything changed for me from that moment forward. I met people, networked, bought into coaching and training programs and learned from people who were actually successful on the internet.”

“There was no more guessing on my part. The real hardcore, working solutions were finally available to me. All I had to do was copy successful people and that’s exactly what I did.”

Learn more from Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills is his own advertisement. Hitting $2 million in sales is no small feat and as his way of “paying forward”, Jeff shares his knowledge and expertise on internet marketing with other online entrepreneurs with the hope that they, too, achieve their maximum potential.

If you are intrigued at how Jeff turned his fate around – from earning barely enough to meet his needs to accumulating wealth without leaving home – your attendance at the Canada Marketing Summit is important. Visit the Canada Marketing Summit website, see the topics and who else is speaking and purchases one of the few remaining tickets before the event sells out!

Beat Recession: Earn in One Week What You Can Earn in 365 days

Alex Mandossian has proven that he can create his annual income in less than 7 days; in fact, he can create it in less than ten hours!

How would you like to earn as much as Alex? There is no secret formula; in fact, Alex will be speaking before a large crowd of Online Marketers, Trainers, Coaches and a smorgasbord of seasoned and newbie webmasters alike, to share his knowledge and expertise. Dubbed as “the ultimate 4 day marketing and mastermind session”, the Canada Marketing Summit is scheduled on March 26 to 29, 2009 at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Alex will be there to surprise everyone when he tells them that their pipeline for success could be right inside their homes – as what he has found out for himself.

Anyone who attends the Canada Marketing Summit and listens to Alex will never look at their telephones the same way again. No, that was not typo. You read it right. Alex created his fortune with the use of his telephone!

He will share his Tele-Seminar Secrets that can transform your life and earn you your annual income in just a few weeks. As Alex has proven that it can be done, so can you – if you apply the rules. And the rules will be revealed during the Canada Marketing Summit.

Almost everyone has a telephone, but not everyone has made millions out of calling. Alex can help you create your own fortune – without leaving your home. Just visit the Canada Marketing Summit website and discover how by attending the summit you can possibly change your life. Purchase a ticket today before the event closes its doors on you. Remember, you are not the only one who uses the telephone!

The Making of a Successful Business through Sales Lead Generation

Would you pay roughly $700 to attend a seminar and listen to speakers without solid proof of what they are talking about? Unless you are there merely for networking purposes, you would surely feel short-changed if you go back home without valuable information, which you can apply on your business to improve its chance at success on the internet.

This is about to change when you attend the Canada Marketing Summit on March 26 to 29, 2009. The seminar’s line-up of speakers, 16 of them, is a gathering of prominent personalities who have “walked their talk” and have proofs to show you.