Stock market goes through different phases at different points of time. At time the market is bullish, at time it bearish, the market has a correction phase and volatile phase as well. For investing in stock market, and to get profit from your investment, it is important that you identify these phases, predict the coming phase, and plan your investment decisions accordingly. There are different methods that are used by the experts to predict the stock market trend.

Technical analysis – There are so many methods for technical analysis that are used by the experts to predict trend of the market, particular sector and in some cases particular stocks as well. The technical analysis is done on the basis of the data collected from the market. There are some set patterns in technical analysis that are formed from the past histories in the market. Experts try and figure out a pattern out of the information that they get from the market and post these data to make a graphical representation of the stock price. Then they compare the graph pattern to the previous patterns to find out if there is a common pattern and then predict the future behavior of the market from these graphs.

Apart from the technical analysis, there are some other actors as well that also help to predict the stock market trend such as the direction of the market. If the overall market is going up, i.e. the market is in bullish trend, and then the stock prices are all set to grow. On the other hand if the market is bearish in nature then the general trend of stock prices is to reduce. Now these are all passing phases and the market goes through correction phase in between the bullish trend and bearish trend when the market gets stable.

To determine if the market is going through a bullish trend or bearish trend, you need to figure out if the market is having more buyers or more sellers. If the market is having more people investing in stocks than number of sellers, then the market is having a bullish trend. If there is more seller than buyer, then of course the market is going through a bearish trend. To determine what exactly is the prevailing stock market trend. You need to keep a close watch on the price of the stock and volume of the stock. If the price at the market is up and the volume of trading is high then you can predict that the market is bullish in nature. On the other hand, if the prices are reducing and the volume of trading is low as well then the trend of the market is bearish. Stock brokers also closely monitor the Dow Jones Index, the S & P 500 and the NASDAQ to determine the trend of the market.