Pay Per Click Marketing is the fastest way of to drive traffic to your web site, period. The three big pay per click sites that we recommend are as follows and they are in this order for a reason with Google being at the top.

Google is the main pay per click marketing search engine. There are other places that you can market on pay per click. The three major search engines are Google, Yahoo, and MSN, but Google controls most of the market.

How Does Pay Per Click Work?

Pay Per Click works by you selecting keywords that are related to your business, product, or service.

1. You choose keywords or key phrases
2. You bid on those keywords or key phrases to get them seen
3. Google determines which ads to show

So how do you get your ads seen?

1. Write a great ad (great copy writing is a key factor in all marketing)
2. Bid the right amount
3. Make your ad relevant to your keywords as well as your website

I do not want to make it sound to easy but it’s really is not that difficult to get your ads seen when you know what you are doing. To many people rush to get their ads out on Google and do not do the proper research, or work with experienced marketers and coaches.

You can apply the strategies you use for Google to Yahoo and MSN. Google’s pay per click program is called Ad Words. There is a difference between “natural” searches” the search results that appear on the left-hand side of the search page and the “paid” search results that appear on the top and right-hand side. Where The Results Are Found

How Search Engines Work

When someone types in a search term, it goes to the Google web server. Google processes the search through both the Search Index servers (natural) and the Ad Word (pay per click) servers as well as the Google web document server before displaying the results, which appear as in the image above.

A Google AdWord can be likened to a three-line classified ad that appears in a newspaper âEUR” except that instead of reaching a small audience of classified ad readers, you have the opportunity to reach millions of people by marketing this way on the internet. You get charged every time someone clicks each time someone clicks on your pay per click advertising.

When you are writing these ads, you have a limited number of words and characters. That’s why it’s so important that you know who your target market is and what keywords you should be using to attract them, so that you get the most out of your three lines on the right-hand side and generate real leads. The ads should be attractive to your target market.

Pay Per Click Definitions

Maximum Cost Per Click” Maximum per click bid you are willing to pay Impressions” The number of times your pay per click ad has been viewed Click” The number of times your ad has been clicked Cost per Click âEUR” The average price per click you actually paid CTR (Click-Through Rate)” Amount of times an ad has been viewed/Amount of times an ad has been clicked Creative” Advertisement being distributed

Why Google?

The reason your focus should be on Google versus other search engines is that the majority of people use Google for their searches. Google holds nearly 70% of the market share; if you’re not advertising on Google, you might as well not bother advertising. Google is where you want to start.

Google also has the most searches, but they also have the most tutorials to help you use their AdWords tools successfully. Google is flexible, offers the fastest service for campaign and editorial review, and the most features and parameters for ad distribution. You can get your ad up and running very fast. Some of the others, like Yahoo and MSN, have a longer, more drawn out process for getting your ad approved.

How Pay Per Click Works Pay per click is a keyword bidding system. You’re going to establish your target market and what your target market it. Then you will generate keywords or key phrases that pertain to your target market. When you put those keywords and key phrases into Google AdWords, you’ll be able to bid on those keywords and key phrases. Depending on your bid and the relevance of your website and the popularity of your ad, your ad will appear further up in the rankings on the pay per click ads and determine your position.

You’ll be able to analyze the performance of your Pay Per Click ads by looking at the metrics on your Google account. It will show you your keywords and keyword phrases, your bids, your impressions, your clicks, your CTRs, and your average cost per click. You can run more than one ad at the same time marketing the same keywords to test which one works better and earns a better click-through ratio. If you’re testing two ads, give them at least a week. Make sure there’s a decent volume running through them. By testing ads this way, you come up with very effective ads. Once you develop an ad that works, throw away the non-performing ad and then develop another one to test against the winning ad. You might be surprised âEUR” some ads that you think are home-run winners might not work at all, and ones you don’t think will do well do great. Use the Google tutorials, too. They can really help.